Google search – Is it spiffing?


You may be noticing a few changes to the Google search facility today in the UK (particularly on your desktop) with, how should we put it, a few teething problems! These can often lead to a strange grrrrrrrrrrrr noise occurring in the room. There’s a minimalist explanation from Google on their blog here as applicable to the US entitled – Spiffing up your search results page!

Here’s a slightly longer explanation from redOrbit

Click to enlarge

Basically what was on the left panel as a series of limitations/definitions now appear as a series of dropdown menus at the top underneath the search box – or should do – certainly here on various PC’s and browsers it’s appearance was initially often fleeting with useability intermittent at best!

SEARCH TOOLS Click to....

As more ahem facilities become available we will add a few more screenshots.

ANY TIME Click to

The Search Tools tab has the Any time and other time options as well as The Web with Pages from the UK.

THE WEB Click to .....

Now fully working on Safari and Internet Explorer (1pm GMT) – no comment!

Just goes to show how much we rely on good old Google.

Once it settles down and as long as you remember to look straight ahead instead of to the left we think a majority of you will like the new “open” / increased white space look!

You could of course try another search engine and join the other 10.67% of us who go elsewhere!

Footnote 8.30 pm GMT Firefox was our least “spiffing” browser but we found, sort of old school, resetting our “Google News” bookmark to the all new singing and dancing “open” version worked wonders, or to be more accurate worked!


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