A is for Apple, B is Bezos, Billions & Black Friday

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The holiday shopping season, if we believe anything we watch, read and hear, is just around the corner, gearing up, and about to go into overdrive! (Ed – too many metaphors!)

Our friends at Apple have already sent us a personal email but they say it’s for everyone so we’re happy to share it with you. They only hint about  their likely one off  discounting day of the year and even the illustrious Huffington Post can only guess at what might be on offer!

We’ll try & remember to let you know early on Friday.



Meanwhile some of our favoured analysts have been bigging up the season with talk of billions. First off is IDC who reckon that over there “Showrooming will influence up to $1.7 billion in 2012 holiday retail sales” and that the  equivalent of the population of England (their 48 million) “U.S. shoppers expected to rely on smartphones in stores this holiday season.”

ComScore (who we will likely be quoting quite a bit in the next month or two) go for the really big numbers and “Reports $41.9 Billion in Q3 2012 U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending, Up 15 Percent vs. Year Ago”. Well we’ve looked at their figures and can now add our own billion $ number, confidently predicting that the holiday season quarter will for the first time ever be over $50 billion. (In fact going back to 2007 the average increase from Q3 to Q4 has been just over 33% so it could be circa $56 billion).

Jeff Bezos has been doing the rounds after being made Business Person of the Year by Fortune (Tim Cook was runner up) and mentioned that Amazon might consider opening retail outlets if they could have “a truly differentiated idea” as they are not very good at the “me too” game.

Here’s the clip of that part of his interview with Charlie Rose.

We rather like Mr Rose’s style (watching him on Bloomberg TV) & if you mosey over to his website you can watch the whole interview with Amazon’s CEO. All 33 minutes of it.

Whilst mentioning Amazon they have just announced the availability of their personalised video gift cards (by Jib Jab). Worth a look although in UK terms some are verging on the politically incorrect (eg You’ll Shoot your Eye out).

So have a great Thanksgiving and get ready for the spendfest!

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