Dire dotuk registrations in third quarter and worsening

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 Nominet have ceased publishing on a regular monthly basis their detailed .uk domain registration figures. We are surprised and disappointed by this reduced transparency which, to an extent appears to be mirrored in their somewhat low key approach to promoting their Consultation on their, ahem, radical proposals for changes to the .uk domainspace. This we believe effects over 40 million internet users and 10 million .uk domain registrants of which around 4 million are businesses. We shall return to this subject later this week. We are opposed to the proposals in their current format.

Nominet publishes, a “Communiqué” after Board Meetings which is now our (somewhat irregular) source for the total monthly registrations and the number on their register. This is the October 2012 Communiqué Pdf which was published on their site in the News Section last week.

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Whist there was a modest increase in September (+2.4%) the year-on-year and quarterly figures are dire. The y-o-y are down a staggering 11.9% and the quarterly figures show a steep decline of  -7.7%  following the virtual flatlining in quarter 2 (+1.0%). Year to date is now down 5% compared to 2.2% in quarter 2. The outlook is far from rosy due to their Direct.uk proposals which at best will make many delay or even choose an alternative domain source.

Domains on their register have grown a little to over 10.2 million and on a countback basis comes to 65.0 (64.7) months new registrations.

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The comparative unadjusted graph is included and shows the current run rate now being below that of 2009. The moving annual total is down by a further 21.2k (22.3k) on last month and is now less than 2 million at 1.99 (2.03) million for the first time since June 2010.

2 million for the year looks like a forlorn hope now and it could be back to barely 1.9 million if the last quarter is 10% down on last years very disappointing 468k registrations.

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