Keep an I on our week (Independent edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Apple retail stores sell 2x the nearest competition
  2. Casual in Cardiff and Made in Notting Hill 
  3. A Multimillion-dollar Journey 

After the excitement of the previous weeks USA 2012 vote  likely, the, lowest key probably ever elections failed to encourage many in this country. Here in Bristol we elected both an independent Mayor (who wears red trousers) and a Police & Crime Commissioner who doesn’t. We wondered if the low count was anything to do with the ballot boxes being in fact the latest shredding machines!


Good  tablet news Amazon have started shipping  their Kindle Fire maxi 8.9 inch version  5 days ahead of schedule, bad news it’s not available in the UK!

Click to get the full effect!

For all you Scrabble enthusiasts here’s the latest £20,000 board developed by Mind Sports International especially for the competition to be held in Prague on the first four days  in December at their Mind Sports Festival with prizes of up to £10,000 apparently on offer. Software developed by our very own  The  Site Doctor we hear.

Beats spendefest shopping we guess!

Talking of which guess what starts on Monday? If we let you into the secret promise not to tell anyone else. Hint – it follows Thanksgiving and is on Friday!


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