Reintroducing The Goodies*!

Walmart, over there, have just launched their Goodies Company  which is a, sort of foodies goodie bag online subscription service if you see what we mean!


For a highly competitive $7 a month (inclusive of taxes & shipping) you get roughly $15 worth of food. It consists of  “gourmet, organic, ethnic and specialty snacks hand-selected by its own employees after a beta test with 3,000 users that started in June” It’s occasionally of a themed nature, and there are inevitably many completely different items eg Pumpkin Pie Spiced Tea! The items are not on Walmart’s shelves but if you like them you buy them online from the website.


The concept came from @WalmartLabs  on the West Coast  who somewhat surprisingly continue to run the service rather than it being consumed by its parent!

The service incorporates “Social” elements in that you can review and grade products. Their grading system scores a product out of 10 and which after its initial Goodie Grade by The Tasting Lab subsequently “changes to emulate user feedback. Each user review is weighted equally”. You can also recommend products. You earn points for all of the above and as we all know points mean …… or as the Ad Age rather succinctly summarised the situation “Subscribers who are active enough in rating, reviewing and touting the products can get Goodies boxes for free”

Click to enjoy!

or order items on the website for free again.

Unsurprisingly Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest engagement is encouraged. Interesting to note, we thought that they are using a .co domain rather than a .com for the main site. Looks as though they could get  if they wanted it.

Again from Ad Age “at this point suppliers are providing the food for free. “At the moment,” Mr. Raj said, Walmart isn’t charging for including products in Goodies boxes, either. But Walmart has enough suppliers lined up to provide free stuff for Goodies boxes that it can afford to be selective ……”

Ravi Raj, vice president of products Walmart Labs said food is ““inherently very social.” And  “Wal-Mart is the largest grocer but there’s room for us to innovate”

“It’s a good model, if there’s an element of discovery,” said Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester Research analyst.

Online subscription services seem to be proliferating in the US at present and it will be interesting to see if their success is repeated over here.

Here’s the Goodies video

*For our readers of a certain tender age or from far outside these shores – the original Goodies were, very,  British!

Partially Sourced from The Ad Age, Allthings D CBS Warc and Walmart Labs

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