Apple Retail stores sell 2X their nearest competitor

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RetailSails have just released some details of their 2012 Chain Store Productivity Guide.

We previously commented on the 2011 detail  and in spite of a few little local difficulties on the management side Apple have still maintained, and in fact increased their commanding lead at the top of the charts.

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On the square footage front they come in at $6,050 ($5,647) way ahead of number 2 Tiffany & co at $3,017 ($3,085) so they are now more than double the #2 on that metric with a lead of $3,033. Compared to last year they are up by a respectable if not exciting 7%

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On the sales per store information they have maintained their 9th position with a reported figure of $51,148 ($44,438) showing a healthy increase of just over 15%. They are still well behind Costco the leader at $137,170 but apart from a dramatic increase on last year of over 60% by Neiman Marcus (who now proudly announce that they ship to the UK) Apple are the only store showing a double digit growth figure amongst the 8 stores appearing in both years top 10.

As the information from RetailSails is a, sort of, trailing 12 months, there may be some further recovery necessary at Apple before it can start trailblazing again.


In the meantime here’s a nice video of the opening of their second Barcelona store which Tim Cook highlighted during the iPad mini launch on October 23.

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