A multimillion-dollar Journey

Coca Cola  have just refreshed their US corporate website coca-colacompany.com and the above is a (slight) misquote from Ashley Brown, their Director for Digital Communications and Social Media when asked what the costs involved were by the New York Times . Our journey replaces his effort!

The Coca Cola Journey (for it is now to be so called) is currently, a somewhat US centric site but then they are of course VERY much a US institution! We were not sure if they would roll it out or convert it for a more global audience but it looks as if they will do in the not too distant future. Their official line is “Coca-Cola Journey’s infrastructure was designed so that it could be implemented globally. It is currently only available in English. We expect to launch international versions of Coca-Cola Journey in 2013.”

As probably the most valuable brand in the world it is an important move.

The Journey can allegedly trace its roots back to  1987-1997 when an in house employee magazine of that name was published. The nearest we could find on our travels, including a visit to the Soda Museum, was the Journal which seems to have a distinctly Germanic flavour!








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Anyway Journey it is! The format is much more of a magazine nature than previously and they have helpfully provided before and after versions.

Coca Cola’s press release contains these phrases:

  • “a rich, socially enabled digital platform
  • use digital communications
  • share the Coca-Cola system story with the world.
  • dynamic, digital magazine that focuses on universally important topics, social causes and Company news
  • designed to spark dialogue and tell the story of Coca-Cola in a creative, refreshing way
  • we are doubling-down on our commitment to be a quality publisher of compelling content
  • will share their curiosity about the world, engage in stimulating debate
  • our ever-expanding commitment to social good.
  • browse regularly refreshed content by type ….or topic
  • in-depth feature stories
  • a “Debate Board,” which polls readers on a range of Coke-related topics
  • a cover story
  • more than 70 other additional original pieces of content.
  • its layout, design and editorial focus ….more closely resemble a digital magazine
  • experience Coca-Cola’s digital evolution
  • our brand becomes a publisher

So there you have it then they are aiming to make their brand a publisher.

They have a good start, with an impressive readership, apparently of 1.2 million unique visitors a month, and are looking to grow this significantly.

It strikes us as rather ironic that whilst the print media are struggling in circulation terms and most have great difficulty in converting their readership to the digital equivalents here’s Coke successfully adopting a magazine format for it’s corporate website!

Quoting Ashley Brown again, more accurately this time, he explains “We designed Coca-Cola Journey to be a sharp departure from how companies use their corporate websites, Our corporate site is our most trafficked online property, so we wanted to create an experience that would make this incredibly valuable digital real estate work harder for us.”

From our initial look around the site, whilst there are still ways to go on the Journey (eg all historic content has not been revised to the new format) we are mightily impressed and encourage you to have a look either on your desktop or mobile device(s) which they have naturally also catered for rather well.

Partially sourced from Coca Cola & The New York Times

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