Casual in Cardiff and Made in Notting Hill

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Nielsen, have finally revealed that nearly three quarters (74%) of us apparently “… use the internet for household grocery shopping activity…. “

The Telegraph, rather intriguingly mention that next week “… forecasters at IMRG and Capgemini will say …. Each household in the UK will spend an estimated £670 online in the last two months of 2012, up 15 per cent from £580 last year”.

They also quote Experian, who “ … expects a record 100 million visits to UK retailers’ websites on so-called Cyber Monday, which falls on December 3. The previous record was last year’s Boxing Day, when retailers’ websites had 96.2 million visits”.

BUT we’ve found a couple of previously wholly online retailers who have recently announced a dipping of toe into (or above) the high street!

Not quite Dafydd & Goliath but more Sophie/Will & Ning.

Sophie/Will are the founders of streetcasuals  (a local setup ie Bristol) who supply “the Best Street Wear and Urban Clothing to All Corners of the UK”. In collaboration with the rather interesting FAO Cardiff (Cardiff’s Music, Fashion & Lifestyle Website)  they are in the Morgan Arcade alongside the likes of “such independent luminaries as Spiller’s Records, which is the oldest record shop in the world, Pretty Green and Broken Girls Vintage”. They have a blog post with added info . We fear we may have missed the launch party but perhaps not!

Now Ling is the CEO of (based in Notting Hill Gate London) who are (mainly) a furniture retailer providing “BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS WITHOUT THE HIGH STREET MARK UP”. Their “showroom” is on the 9th floor at Newcombe House and copious instructions about your visit are provided, plus you get free “360º views across London”. Also worth a look is the little animation/graphic on their site which compare them with their high street competitors in this apparently £20 billion market. Here’s their blog article on the “showroom” and an informative article by Annabel Palmer at City am.

They even have a video of some of the highlights from the showroom launch.

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