Keep an I on our week (Remembrance)

Our top three articles this week were

  1. Can Government deliver the GDS
  2. Have a good (National Stress Awareness) day 
  3. Who’s “The Best of the Rest” Tablet Vendor this quarter 

And of course there was that election over there. The Florida result is expected later today  after which we will update has been announced (another Obama win) and we have updated our “Results on a page”.

The London Startup Weekend is up and running both on Saturday & Sunday – definitely worth a look.

In connection with Remembrance Day on Sunday we believe that there will be at 11.11am the digital release of the film Blitz and Bananas. You can already order a copy of the DVD and 30% of the proceeds will go to the British Legion.  Full details and perhaps further clarification on Sunday over at their website.  It’s a terrific title and Emma and Julian Fellowes  (creators of ITV’s Downton Abbey) rate it highly “This is an adorable film!”


As we are sure most of you will have donated already to this cause here’s an animation of how your donations are used. This years target is £42 million.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t yet donated and would like to donate online clicking on our poppy this link or our header will take you to the right place to do this.

As an option you could still join in their thunderclaps.

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