Who’s “The Best of the Rest” Tablet Vendor this Quarter?

Digitimes Research  have, bravely come up with their forecast of the top 9 tablet vendors in quarter 4. Wisely, we think, they only analyse unit shipments between iPad and other! They are:

  1. Apple
  2. Amazon
  3. Google
  4. Microsoft
  5. Samsung
  6. Barnes & Noble
  7. Asus(tek)
  8. Lenovo
  9. Acer

We have taken the liberty of slightly amending their graphic by adding %’s. Asustek, and Samsung sort of appear twice in their rankings as they manufacture Google’s Nexus 7 and 10 respectively.

Their overall figure, at 41 million units, is just ahead of our preliminary minimum guess following IDC’s estimated shipments for Quarter 3 earlier this week. As Digitimes forecast is partially based on their local knowledge of tablet manufacturers with they estimate 89% of the world market it could/should be pretty accurate. They list the top 5 as (1) Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) (2) Quanta Computer (3) Pegatron Technology (4) Wistron and (5) Compal Electronics.

As far as their tablet positioning is concerned, the main surprise to us is Samsung who they have in only 5th position after IDC estimated them being currently in second place behind Apple.  Whilst the market is increasingly crowded, with their leading smartphone market presence, we would be most surprised if they were not up there competing with the best of the rest this quarter.

Nexus before their 4/7/10 announcements were rumoured to be selling around a million 7’s a month .

Amazon in quarter 4 of 2011 after the introduction of the Kindle Fire in November likely, as the majority of analysts estimated, sold 4-5 million.

Microsoft are also rumoured  to be manufacturing between 3 and 5 million Surface’s following its full introduction alongside Windows 8 last month.

So having got our abacus out (along with the corporate crystal ball) we reckon the leading contender for “the best of the rest” tablet vendors is too close to call (like Florida) as between (in alphabetical order) Amazon, Google and Samsung together with Microsoft as a bit of an outsider! So here’s our schedule. – E & O E!

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