Keep an I on our Week (Battered but not Bowed edition)

That’s the East Coast of the United States.

Our top three articles this week were:

                     1.   Larger Cheaper & In the Thick of it
                     2.   Half a Billion, recurring, Smartphones
                     3=  Dotcom Vans go Underground        
                     3=  One Tablet per Child 

In spite of Sandy:

  • Google announced their Nexus 4/7/10 smartphone/updated tablet/maxi tablet and the original Nexus 7 won a UK Tablet of the year award.
  • Microsoft on the calmer West Coast got their Windows Phone 8 off to a flying start
  • Apple, after a few comings and goings started selling & delivering their iPad mini in 34 countries.
  • Barnes & Noble got their nook uk site up and running and started tweeting to all us UK followers (as envisaged once they get going there’s probably no stopping them). They’ve also got the support twitter account fully operational now as well.
  • Amazon, after some ups and downs with an aggressive Kindle Fire v iPad advert have reverted to what they do best that’s sell the holiday season. They already in the US have started their sponsored  “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week” slightly ahead of Thanksgiving (which is November 22 this year).

Clic to enlarge

Which neatly brings us to our first holiday offering which we couldn’t resist telling you all about. It could just be this years must have (or more likely give) gift. The ideal stocking filler:

 BIC for HER

 It’s available from of course Amazon (the preferred version is only really available in the US the UK offer is a bit feeble)!

We could only find a US video & advert but it is well worth watching.

If you prefer to study the customer reviews there are many 5 star one’s on both and

Whilst we have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon, we are going to attempt to source the purple/ pink blister packets – if we succeed we will let you all know.

Expressions of interest in the comments please!

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