Half a Billion, recurring, Smartphones

IDC  have published today their latest estimates for the third quarter smartphone shipments by the top 6 mobile operating systems.

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They concentrate on the android element as they reckon it is the 4th anniversary of its launch back in 2008. They note that “The Android smartphone operating system was found on three out of every four smartphones shipped during the third quarter of 2012 (3Q12). According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, total Android smartphone shipments worldwide reached 136.0 million units, accounting for 75.0% of the 181.1 million smartphones shipped in 3Q12. The 91.5% year-over-year growth was nearly double the overall market growth rate of 46.4%.”

What struck us as being remarkable is that nearly half a billion smartphones have likely been shipped already this year which is virtually the same as the whole of 2011 which (again from IDC’s Mobile Phone Tracker data) comes, we reckon, to 492 million.

Looking at the androids IDC show the growth since 2008 and market share.

Last year almost a third (32%) of the total years shipments took place in quarter 4 and the same applied roughly to android (34%). If this “seasonality” is repeated and neither the iPhone 5 nor Windows Phone 8 immediately take over the world, then android could well exceed half a billion shipments this year.

On the recurring numbers theme Apple will ship their 100 millionth iPhone this calendar year during the quarter having cumulatively shipped over 100 million iPad’s to date.

The first UK iPad mini’s are being bought around the world right now and according to some it might be easier to get one in London rather than a somewhat battered but not bowed New York.


Source: Primarily IDC. Originally published quarterly shipments have been included in the above data. Subsequent revisions may have occurred. We have shortened Windows Phone 7 & mobile to Windows in anticipation of Windows Phone 8!

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