Dotcom vans go underground!

Tesco continue to innovate with their online retailing.

They launch, nationwide today their online commuter zone which is a mobile friendly area specifically aimed at commuters aptly named!

Tesco Director of Internet Retailing Ken Towle said:

“We know that many of our customers have busy lives, but that they still want quick and easy access to great food at great value.  Our new commuter zone is the latest way we’re helping customers to manage their time, by pulling together a range of high quality products and categorizing them to reflect the working week.”

“Everything for the working week” is the oft repeated tagline and from our initial travels in the “zone” there’s a sort of tiered menu system across three time zones and a set of options. Thereafter you get into the nitty gritty of actually ordering specific items (with only an occasional sub categorisation like “Better for you cereals” which includes eg sugarless Alpen!

We would simply as a public service again repeat our advice initially given in connection with Tesco’s interactive store at Gatwick airport ….

“On a purely practical note we would offer a little help …… when using the service please pick a delivery time/slot when you are/someone is at home to receive your order!”

Now for the, we think, really clever part!

As per the graphic the time zone and options are colour coded and, sort of,  link into the dotcom van tube map derived ad, as well as the commuter zone sections. A bit London centric but we love it, really neat!

Congratulations to whichever agency came up with the idea. We understand it possibly wasn’t Wieden+ Kennedy! (No call back from Tesco to enlighten us all).

Tesco’s words are “The zone has launched nationwide, with initial marketing activity in London.  The campaign will include posters on the underground of a Tesco Dotcom van, created from the familiar tube map and adapted to show the extensive range of products available on the commuter zone.”

They do lead the competition in the online stakes by a country mile as confirmed again today. According to UKOM/nielsen’s  latest UK monthly online audience summary (September) Tesco, had nearly 10 million unique visitors and 382 million page views being in 14th place of ALL sites. The next food retailer was M & S in 43rd position with about half of Tesco’s volumes.


Sourced partially from: Tesco, UKOM

Pictures: Tesco

Press release: Tesco  Mediatel re UKOM

Editors note: Our preliminary visits to the commuter zone  of the Tesco site on our android phone & tablet indicated we think some teething problems with the opening screen which had a rather extended list of of oft repeated menu headings! Purely temporary we’re sure!

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