Shouldn’t they joyn the virtual world ‘cos it sucks less!

As the mobile operators attempt to claw back some of their relinquished internet traffic elsewhere it’s all virtual – Christmas presents, supermarket shopping and even earning badges!

The major Spanish contingent of  the  GSM Association (the mobile operators association who, inter alia, own the joyn trademark, operate the joynus website and are responsible for the development of the underlying technology) were the first country to launch joyn services amongst their networks. These services include instant messaging, file and video.sharing and “operate across any device, on any network”. The networks involved in Spain are Telefónica, Orange & Vodafone. Lots of additional info over at GTSM in the RCS (Rich Communications Services)  section of their website. One tiny little drawback we picked up on is that a couple of device suppliers haven’t signed up yet, Apple & Motorola!

Unfairly we noticed that, a little earlier today, the joynus website had a mini problem which we thought we would share!                             .

Meanwhile back in the virtual world Orange have discovered that 95% of teenagers (aged 11-18) in the UK have smartphhones, 80% of them go on the internet whilst watching TV and they spend 10 hours a week on social networks. This is in their Orange Exposure 2012/13 research across the UK France & (yep) Spain! You can both listen to the press release or watch their French video with subtitles!

Back to the virtual world (II) USwitch asked us  which of these would we send this Christmas & we said:

  • Vouchers for online shopping (eg Amazon) 26.5%
  • iTunes vouchers 22.6%
  • Online bank transfer 12.9%
  • ebooks 10.5%

Overall 40.5% of us were found to be going down this route and some were quite ….. generous spending:

  • Over £500 – 1.1%
  • £401-£500 – 0.5%
  • £301-£400 – 0.8%
  • £201-£300 – 3.0%
  • £101-£200 – 11.7%
  • Up to £100 – 82.9%

TNS (who did the Orange Exposure research mentioned above), to us, have a fairly terrifying “Retail & Shopper Solution – testing Shopper Directions is a suite of solutions to test shopper marketing initiatives on real, mock and 3D virtual reality shelves, both on- and offline”.

Here’s the video

Those virtual badges can be earned by your kids as they are “ being awarded to young people who ‘Connect with Respect’ as part of a Safer Internet Day campaign being run by Safe, the Certificate in Social Networking, and Makewaves , the award winning social learning environment.

The Safe SID Badge will be awarded to young people who follow the 2013 Safer Internet Day (SID) theme by commenting on debates and uploading their own media to a dedicated channel on the Safe Network within Makewaves”.

We seem to be giving Microsoft a lot more mentions than normal this week but their (non Windows 8 ) PR machine seems to be in overdrive with their IE10 video getting a disproportionate amount of coverage in our view. It’s sort of OK but didn’t make us smile or download it!

You judge for yourselves!

Have you been Amazonkd Bangld or Scroogled?

We are sure that all of us over the spendfest season will be, possibly on several occasions, Amazonkd, Bangld or Scroogled!

To be honest, in view of their rankings Bangld is the least likely of all!

Having a scrupulously fair and even handed editorial policy we have added to Bing’s attack verb with our very own concoctions! (We wonder if Google might respond with a Bringled piece. Just a thought!)

Microsoft via Bing are trying to launch a bit of an attack on Google on the shopping side at this, how should we say, fairly competitive time of the year. They have even set up a website  to attract the curious who want to find out more about Google’s advertising practices which they deem to be less than honest. Someone over at All Things D (part of the Wall Street Journal stable) thinks that Bing themselves are not entirely whiter than white and, heaven forbid, may be commercially biased. They, sort of, have a fisk of Bing’s attack promotion with a  critical conclusion.

“Clearly, Microsoft’s timing with the campaign is a little fishy. While it lines up with the holiday shopping season, it also probably has a lot to do with the 18-month-long investigation of Google’s search business, which is coming to an end. As a source told my colleague, Liz Gannes, it’s now a good time to try and land something on Google: “All these people who have wanted to kill Google, this is their chance. They will never have a better opportunity than the next 30 days.”

Better get your lumps in quick, Microsoft — time is running out”.

The concept of “killing” Google did make us smile!

We’re not great shopping channel addicts here but having found the top male (apologies to our female visitors it’s not deliberate) Christmas presents at The Huffington Post UK we thought we’d do a little experiment. We selected the Polaroid Z2300 for our research and both and Google shopping came up with $159.99 but Bing shopping had a headline figure of $163.19 which with a little drilling down morphed into $159.99. (Amazon in the UK have it at £149.99 incidentally).

Bottom lining it we think that choice and price considerations far outweigh any of the service providers commercial practices.

Bing have a blog post about it all and we couldn’t help appreciating the first comment from blix10.

“You know I really like Bing, but I’ve never used bing shopping (or google shopping for that matter). But I just watched that video where you searched “toy trucks” on both bing and google…google still gave much cheaper prices for the exact same product. I also searched “wilson baseball gloves” and bing returned me 1 result, that’s right 1 result and google gave me almost 5,000 results. I understand why you don’t like googles “pay-to-rank” system because I don’t either, but someone using googlel shopping is still going to get way more options and that will most likely lead to a better price.  I would recommend not making this campaign public because people will be really disappointed and that’s not good for the Bing name.  Besides, this whole shopping thing is what is for.”


We couldn’t leave the topic without also including Bang’s Bing’s video covering all the detail about the toy trucks! Enjoy!

Our apologies for the rather feeble & hurried graphic in particular the Amazon element with whom we have affiliate marketing arrangements!

Cyber Monday – An online spending record at nearly $1.5 billion

Click to enlarge

Update 2.45pm GMT

comScore have done it – well nearly- $1.465 billion v’s the hoped for $1.5. We guess it went to a recount!

Interesting to see that in category terms smartphones, are within Consumer Electronics and tablets, Computer Hardware. The former has the second largest year-on-year increase at 24% just behind Digital Content and Subscriptions (28%) with Computer Hardware (22%) in third place.

Further detail in their press release.

More than 50% of us did the deed(s) from work!

Well done everybody!

Updated weekly graph for completeness.

Original article title – Cyber Monday – Amazon sell over $3 billion

Well sort of! They had a bond issue on Monday, the first time since May 1998 apparently, tapping the low interest rate money to fund “general corporate purchases”.

This is our holding headline pending the somewhat delayed release from comScore of “the official” online Cyber Monday sales figures. Last year they released these on the Tuesday at about 10pm GMT (5pm EST )  we recall.

Pending their arrival you could always click on their rather impressive globe to “See what the digital world is doing.”


IBM have released their Cyber Monday Digital Analytics Benchmark Report (Pdf) with its myriad of statistics. Many quote the topline figure of a 30.3% increase over last year.   We have gone back to last year and correlated in a very unacceptably simplistic fashion IBM and comScore’s info to predict a sales figure for this year of $1,500,416,800! We shall see.

Mobile devices take centre stage with traffic/sales surging ahead yet again:

  • 2010 – 3.9% / 2.3%
  • 2011 – 10.8% / 6.6%
  • 2012 – 18.4% /12.9%

Apple leads the way “The iPad Factor: The iPad continued to generate more traffic than any other tablet or smartphone, driving more than 7 percent of online shopping. This was followed by iPhone at 6.9 percent and Android 4.5 percent. The iPad also continued to dominate tablet traffic reaching a holiday high of 90.5 percent. Amazon Kindle leapt into second at 2.6 percent followed by the Samsung Galaxy at 2 percent and the Barnes and Noble Nook at 0.6 percent”.

A particularly interesting statistic we thought was the average order value slipping back by nearly 7% – we are sure that lower tablet prices were an influence but likely not of huge significance.

  • 2010 – $193.24
  • 2011 – $198.26
  • 2012 – $185.12

Amazon again told us all that they had done exceptionally well, particularly, almost as usual, on the Kindle front but elsewhere someone said eBay had done even better!

We are sure Apple was ahead of virtually everybody but with their typical holiday reticence let others record and promote them, simply announcing a 27” iMac on 27 November!

Click to view in all its glory!

You may be in luck if you know the right people to get a  “‘geek-chic’ ride to this year’s 2013 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas” aboard the “nerdbird” hmmmmmm. Virgin America and Gilt City are the culprits responsible for this Cyber Monday deal  and the right person is down $49,000!

NB We shall return on the arrival of comScore’s release! We’re guessing it might be around midday to 1pm GMT


Ecommerce Traffic takes a sharp Mobile turn

Click to enlarge

Monetate  with their latest Ecommerce Quarterly Research EQ3 2012 invloving  “ …. more than 100 million online shopping sessions that contribute to the analysis and benchmark reports found in every release of the EQ”.

Their website traffic statistics are, we think, fascinating and elsewhere (at Appleinsider) the huge significance of Apple products are discussed (justifiably we believe) in some detail.

For our part we will concentrate on the tablet side of their analysis whilst putting this in the context of the overall market.

To extend the trends we’ve gone back to their EQ1 2012 to give a 7 quarter perspective. It looks as if (in common with virtually all statistically based research there have been certain revisions to historical data but we will stick with their initially published information for the first 2 quarters of 2011. We also note that the historic categorisation of PC has now morphed into Traditional in the overall scheme of things. (Having said this we were pleasantly surprised to see today that the third quarter UK GDP second estimate issued today  by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) unusually did not show any downward (or upward revision) at the headline level.

We digress back to Monetate!

Overall Website traffic changes since Q1 2011:

  • Traditional/PC source down by 12.6%
  • Mobile sources up by a factor of 3 increasing by 12.5% to 18.4%
  • Of the Mobile increase over 1/3 comes from Tablet increases which have moved up by a factor of 5

The rate of increase in Mobile sources seems to have slowed this quarter at 2.5% but this may be seasonal (or possibly even due to product release schedules) as the change last year was also low at only 1.5%.

Looking at the really interesting information by differing tablets the impact, we think of the Kindle Fire is most interesting.

Click to enlarge

Only introduced in mid Q4 of 2011 it has already gained a disproportionate traffic share in comparison with Android whose shipments far outweigh Kindle Fires. Amazon likely after initial shipments of 4-5 million in q4 of 2011 have been running at around or a bit less than 1 million units a quarter. Jeff Bezos must be rather pleased. His ecosystem and business model seems to be working quite well.

It will be more than fascinating to see how these statistics evolve as Google and Amazon join the maxi brigade and Apple the mini crowd. We almost forgot Microsoft,  Barnes & Noble and Samsung!

Great stuff!

Have a Fun Cyber Monday

Click to enlarge

Our favourite analysts at this time of the year (comScore) have just released their US Retail ecommerce figures for Black Friday and they show a whopping 28% increase on last year the biggest since 2006 (at 41%) which was the first year these statistics were recorded.

So we’ve got our old faithful abacus out, together with the trusty corporate crystal ball, and confidently (possibly!) predict that today Cyber Monday 2012 will be a $1.5 billion record breaking spendfest. Following our last years coverage we’ve changed the graph colour for cyber Monday to green which seems to be the generally accepted hue!

comScore say “57.3million Americans visited online retail sites on Black Friday, representing an increase of 18 percent versus year ago. Amazon ranked as the most visited online retail site on Black Friday while also posting the highest year-over-year visitor growth rate among the top five retailers”

The top 5 were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Best Buy
  4. Target
  5. Apple

On the product front Apparel & Accessories have taken over the top spot from Computer Electronics this year with over 25% of the total dollar spend.

For a comprehensive runover of the Twelve Key Online Spending days of  Christmas comScore have an informative blog post.

Over here we see that Deloitte’s reckon that, during the Christmas season, whilst overall retail sales will creep up, in real terms by perhaps 1% online are set to jump by 17%.

Some of their figures, we find, slightly confusing but they say “around £3.2bn of in-store Christmas sales will be influenced by smartphones, with another £330m of sales made directly through the devices.  A further £500m in sales will be made through tablets”. So online sales from Tablets are greater than Smartphones. Hmmmmm.

Talking of tablets, if you haven’t got a tablet yet (or aren’t expecting one over the next month or so) then until the end of the day you can order a Kindle Fire here in the UK for just under £100 ie £99. Think the offer ends at midnight tonight so hurry along please! It (very short term) makes it the cheapest mainline UK offering by £60 or by nearly 40%. We’re slightly surprised nook (aka Barnes & Noble) haven’t followed suit but can’t see any device “specials” on their site. Nor Google for their Nexuses!

We sort of borrowed our headline from who are offering 20% off domain prices on this “CyberFunDay”!








Just in case you haven’t noticed we have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon!

Keep an I on our Week (Black friday OK, Weather & .UK dire + *Incentives edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Dire dotuk registrations in third quarter and worsening
  2. A is for Apple, B is for Bezos Billions & Black Friday 
  3. Google Search – Is it Spiffing 

A dire set of figures from Nominet as they plough ahead with their, we think, increasingly unpopular, set of proposals for the .uk domainspace. Couple of reasoned runovers from:

We can’t recall as wet an early winter as this one. Our graphic is from Cheltenham where apparently the flood defences are working well although there have been some power cuts.

Google confused us, unfairly, we though rather early in the morning on Thanksgiving with their “Spiffing” new search menus but it looks as though they may have encouraged all those Black Fridayers to come out in force in the US.  Over here though some stayed at home but may have still manged to spend over £200 million yesterday. We also rather like the idea of Small Business Saturday. So why not today spend at least a few of your diminishing £’s with a small local independent business/retailer?

For some perspective of the online spendfest we thought this graph from comScore told a story.

Finally we would ask you to consider responding to the Nominet consultation concerning the future of the .UK domainspace particularly if you have or work for a small business or simply if you are an internet user who would like to engage.

Click to enlarge

*As an incentive we’ll offer a nearly new android “white box” 7″ tablet in a draw from the first 50 respondents via this site. Just drop us a note in the comments on the blog page Do yourself an enormous favour saying how you’ve answered questions 7(a), 8(a) 8(d) & 9 (if you don’t want this published just say so & we’ll still enter you in the draw). If this goes well we may offer a ticket to the first day of the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge next year from a draw on reaching say the 500th respondent, but we may require a statement of truth at that stage! Normal rules apply which means we’ll make them up as we go along! Just click on the no no minet no ad to get to their online form – mention it to all your family friends associates etc etc etc as well please – you know it makes sense, particularly on yet another rather wet weekend!

As a, sort of, reminder of a cricketing summer here’s a link to a podcast/listen again of Geoff Boycott answering Mastermind questions on his favourite subject…… Geoff Boycott, recorded earlier today in India.


Do yourself an enormous favour


We are asking you to do yourself an enormous favour. It should take you less than  5 minutes (& not even that solely as an individual) and could save you thousands of pounds (or possibly more), a significant amount of stress and possibly even involvement in litigation.

The 3 W’s:

  1. WHEN? NOW (more than half of the total 99  days have now passed and counting)
  2. WHY?
  3. WHAT? Complete your details on the About You section, tick the No box in response to question 8a  and submit/send your response to Nominet.

You are responding to their “Consultation on a new .uk domain name service” as “a stakeholder1

Question 8a is “Do you agree that a new service should adopt a phased release of domain names with the hierarchy outlined above i.e Registered Rights, Unregistered Rights, Landrush, General Availability?

We think the easiest way to respond is to complete and submit Nominet’s online form:

  • Click “Next” 6 times to get to section F. About you (40% complete)
  • Complete the appropriate details, then
  • Click “Next” 5 times to get to section L. Phased Release and Rights Management (73% complete) and
  • Tick “No” in response to question 8a then
  • Click “Next” 3 times and finally
  • Click “Submit” (100% complete)

(We urge you to retain a hard copy of your response. Print each page you have completed/want to retain.)

If you want to keep this window open simply copy & paste the following address into another tab on your browser

Click to enlarge

There are other ways to obtain & complete your response to  the consultation as explained by Nominet. Our graphic explains how we think their electronic Pdf works (e & o e) but it’s a bit involved. Final submission by email is through Adobe’s EchoSign service

Neither of these are as lengthy as our descriptions! The retention of a copy of your response is possibly the most time consuming element.



We were going to embark on a rather lengthy analysis of all the proposals and the arguments for and against but as many others have done so, or are likely in the process of doing so, we will keep it comparatively short and attempt to cut to the quick.

We strongly believe:

  • Much wider engagement between, and communication with existing stakeholders, in particular domain name owners and internet users in this process is essential. The ramifications in particular for small businesses so far have been severely underestimated.
  • Preferential rights being given to a registered trademark holder over those of an identically named existing ( or etc) domain name owner is wholly unacceptable and unjustifiable.
  • All 10.2 existing domains have a value which has already been reduced simply by the announcement of this consultation.
  • These domain name owners have a right to the identically named .uk domain name which could at least maintain (and possibly increase) their Intellectual Property/Brand’s value.

We also have concerns about Nominet’s ability to implement these proposals seamlessly.

Engagement between, and communication with stakeholders

We attended the stakeholder roundtable meeting with Nominet in Cardiff last week (November 14). Three other stakeholders attended!

Nominet indicated that at that time NO stakeholders had expressed an interest in attending the proposed meeting in Northern Ireland.

They also told us that they had received between 300 and 400 responses to their consultation.

Nominet and their registrars have an enviable database for their stakeholder community – we believe that they all should be actively encouraged to participate and that Nominet has an obligation to contact them individually.

Domain name owners3 v’s Registered Trademark owners3

In the UK Trademark system there are 45 differing categories of trade and services so theoretically the same mark could have at least 45 registered trademarks.

When we recently searched the IPO trademark database the following number of trademarks for these words/initials/numbers were revealed:

  • Lion – 73
  • AA – 72
  • 3 – 54
  • IT – 42

So offering any rights to registered trademark owners on a simplistic name/word/initial/number only basis creates competition, and in this case competition leads to auction, and auctions lead to …..

On a simple numbers basis in 2007 there were 419,527 UK registered trademarks (we currently have a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for some more up to date numbers with the IPO). All of these are not words of course many are designs. The Eu registry is a little friendlier and on a search last week 709,032 registered trademarks existed. Of their total cumulative applications figure just over 60% have been for names/words. So we estimate that there could be around a maximum of say 700,000 (419527+709032=1128550×60%) owners of marks eligible for preferential treatment under Nominet’s proposals.

So a community of 700k of whom possibly a third or so are registered under the UK system is to be given preference over an acknowledged stakeholder community of 10.2 million domain owners. This is clearly nonsensical.

Trademarks like other assets, tangible or intangible, can be acquired and in fact traded. It is not unknown for speculative applicants to acquire on occasion multiple registered trademarks for these purposes. This has happened before and we are confident it will happen again.


An IP partner in one of the legal 500 firms once indicated to us that Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service was sound but otherwise well they weren’t ……..

We’re beginning to, sort of, understand.

They certainly continue with their rather strange structure. They are NOT repeat NOT a charity. Nominet UK is (as they accurately describe themselves in the press release) a  “not-for-profit organisation”. They are a Private Limited by  Guarantee Company with no Share Capital with an exemption from using the Limited suffix

Instead of shareholders they have 2,860 members at  September 30 who have, inter alia powers to appoint a number of directors to the Nominet board. The members, who include, Webfusion Ltd, I & I Internet AG, Key-Systems Gmbh Inc, Namesco Ltd and Yell Ltd are mainly registrars and they have a somewhat complex voting system amongst themselves based on the number of  domain name registrations maintained by them. Unfair but it’s a sort of commercial block vote and elsewhere it has been calculated that eg Webfusion Ltd has over 20% of the members voting powers.

Incidentally in Cardiff  Jeff Blowers Nominet’s Director of (ie he’s not a main board Director) Legal and Policy indicated that it would be the Board who made the decision on the proposals.

Nominet are not a large organisation. They have under 100 employees and the sheer scale of what they are proposing gives us cause for concern. Sort of reminds us of the new gTLD’s scenario!

In their proposals they indicate they want “…. to build on the sunrise process established in the .uk short domains release….” Quite so. That issue involved in total 2,837 specific domain names. There were about 700 different names (ie there were,, and third level domains on offer). We know that they wrote to a large number of registered trademark owners both at the consultation stage hmmmmm and also when the release plan was issued. Have they considered contacting the likely 700,000 trademark holders mentioned above? Could they cope with a sunrise process that might involve over 10,000,000 applicants?

The following are VERY anecdotal but:

  • On 1 October they launched their new website initially they got their own phone number wrong which we pointed out to them (we kept a screenshot somewhere)
  • There was a link in their press release to a policy section which went to a page not found error message
  • There remain areas which still require updating
  • Look at the referencing in their online form and pdf form for this consultation G in the online form is Organisation Type which elsewhere is included in the About You section F.
  • In their online form as far as we can ascertain the only fields required to be completed are the two parts of section G Organisation Type.

Bottom lining it we think there could be disruption in the process proposed.

1 “…… this consultation is an opportunity for stakeholders including registrants, registrars internet users business and industry, public authorities civil society, consumer organisations and any others….”

2 Nominet in their October Communique indicated that there were 10,243,649 domain names on their register

3 We that is The Information I Ltd (who operate this site) are both the domain name owners of and as well as owning a registered Trademark for the letter “I” which we originally registered in 2001.

Apple one-day event, something old something new ….

Click to view

OK its here then 19 products we counted in the UK, both online & in store, with discounts from £7 (EarPods) up to £81 (MacBook Air and Pro).

Something old -  iPad2 down £21 at £308 and Something new – 4th generation iPad down £31 at £368.

Apple do tend to work in £’s rather than %’s and they surely know what works as the best retailer in the world!

We shall return later in the day with a cost saving suggestion for all internet stakeholders!



Google search – Is it spiffing?


You may be noticing a few changes to the Google search facility today in the UK (particularly on your desktop) with, how should we put it, a few teething problems! These can often lead to a strange grrrrrrrrrrrr noise occurring in the room. There’s a minimalist explanation from Google on their blog here as applicable to the US entitled – Spiffing up your search results page!

Here’s a slightly longer explanation from redOrbit

Click to enlarge

Basically what was on the left panel as a series of limitations/definitions now appear as a series of dropdown menus at the top underneath the search box – or should do – certainly here on various PC’s and browsers it’s appearance was initially often fleeting with useability intermittent at best!

SEARCH TOOLS Click to....

As more ahem facilities become available we will add a few more screenshots.

ANY TIME Click to

The Search Tools tab has the Any time and other time options as well as The Web with Pages from the UK.

THE WEB Click to .....

Now fully working on Safari and Internet Explorer (1pm GMT) – no comment!

Just goes to show how much we rely on good old Google.

Once it settles down and as long as you remember to look straight ahead instead of to the left we think a majority of you will like the new “open” / increased white space look!

You could of course try another search engine and join the other 10.67% of us who go elsewhere!

Footnote 8.30 pm GMT Firefox was our least “spiffing” browser but we found, sort of old school, resetting our “Google News” bookmark to the all new singing and dancing “open” version worked wonders, or to be more accurate worked!


A is for Apple, B is Bezos, Billions & Black Friday

Click to get the full picture!

The holiday shopping season, if we believe anything we watch, read and hear, is just around the corner, gearing up, and about to go into overdrive! (Ed – too many metaphors!)

Our friends at Apple have already sent us a personal email but they say it’s for everyone so we’re happy to share it with you. They only hint about  their likely one off  discounting day of the year and even the illustrious Huffington Post can only guess at what might be on offer!

We’ll try & remember to let you know early on Friday.



Meanwhile some of our favoured analysts have been bigging up the season with talk of billions. First off is IDC who reckon that over there “Showrooming will influence up to $1.7 billion in 2012 holiday retail sales” and that the  equivalent of the population of England (their 48 million) “U.S. shoppers expected to rely on smartphones in stores this holiday season.”

ComScore (who we will likely be quoting quite a bit in the next month or two) go for the really big numbers and “Reports $41.9 Billion in Q3 2012 U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending, Up 15 Percent vs. Year Ago”. Well we’ve looked at their figures and can now add our own billion $ number, confidently predicting that the holiday season quarter will for the first time ever be over $50 billion. (In fact going back to 2007 the average increase from Q3 to Q4 has been just over 33% so it could be circa $56 billion).

Jeff Bezos has been doing the rounds after being made Business Person of the Year by Fortune (Tim Cook was runner up) and mentioned that Amazon might consider opening retail outlets if they could have “a truly differentiated idea” as they are not very good at the “me too” game.

Here’s the clip of that part of his interview with Charlie Rose.

We rather like Mr Rose’s style (watching him on Bloomberg TV) & if you mosey over to his website you can watch the whole interview with Amazon’s CEO. All 33 minutes of it.

Whilst mentioning Amazon they have just announced the availability of their personalised video gift cards (by Jib Jab). Worth a look although in UK terms some are verging on the politically incorrect (eg You’ll Shoot your Eye out).

So have a great Thanksgiving and get ready for the spendfest!