Larger cheaper and in the thick of it!

Google yesterday having not been able to open their Playground at the Pier, did it in a comparatively low key fashion on their Blog and announced a 4 / 7/ 10 series of Nexus devices.

We, as ever, will concentrate on number 10, their new Tablet. We should also give an early mention to Barnes & Noble who yesterday announced (in a press release) the availability of their Nook HD+ in the UK for immediate pre-order with deliveries from November 13.

Now back to Nexus10. We’ve done another of our little tables.

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Taking account of  aspect ratios, and with a little help from our friend Pythagoras,  we calculate, the screen works out to be marginally larger in sq mm (or inches!) than the entry level iPad and cheaper in the UK (although delivery charges probably even this up). Unfairly we, sort of, treat the Surface separately for some, as yet, unknown reason.

Overall the nook HD+ is smaller (20%) lighter (15%) and almost 30% cheaper than the Nexus. As we have said before we are a 7” & circa 120mm width tablet fan, but do recognise the importance of content. Our comments are based on “desktop”  rather than hands on experience of these larger tablets.

Barnes & Noble’s UK nook website continues to impress and we are very pleased to report that they have (at last) now tweeted (five times) on their UK account. Looking at the US equivalent this is likely to be the lull before the storm! Talking of which we were interested to see several of the US broadcasters highlighting some of the larger (Amazon & Google) Data Center locations in the context of possible Sandy damage threats.

Barnes & Noble also had two other UK press releases yesterday one confirming Asda as a UK partner retailer and another publicising an advertising campaign encouraging us all to “read in bed” which we may return to at a later date.

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Amazon are certainly being aggressive on their US site  with what almost qualifies as an attack ad. We could be in for some fun over the holiday season.





We will leave you with Goggle’s Nexus “Ask me anything” video


And the UK nook HD one as well

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