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New York is, very wisely, in lockdown and apparently eerily quiet.

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It means that both Google and AllThingsD have had to postpone their events today which will no doubt please Microsoft who have their East coast launch of the Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco at 5pm GMT today.

We live streamed the Windows Phone 8 event(see below). You can follow them on Twitter.

In some new research from The Mobile Operators Association (MOA) with YouGov it was found that over 58% of mobile phones in the UK are smartphones which was an increase of nearly 50% on a year ago.

Now Ofcom reckon 92% of UK adults own mobile phones  and, as we worked out before from the latest census figures,  the over 14 years of age UK population is likely around 52 million. So even if the 92% only had A phone (many of course of us have at least 2!) then the “could buy a smartphone instead of relying on their 20th century cell phone” brigade probably number over 20 million. To this of course can be added the 8% who reckon they “never really needed a phone” division. That’s another 4 million.

So 24 million of a UK market to address, is worth a lot of effort, even if it is a little crowded!

Microsoft Windows phone 8 launch webcast of the event either:

Live Blog from The Verge.

Partially sourced from AllThingsD, MOA, Ofcom & Microsoft
Photo: GrandCentral Station – AllThingsD

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