Keep an I on our Week (M & A edition)

That’s Microsoft & Apple of course!

The top three articles this week were:

  1. Pass the word – it’s get Safe Online Week
  2. It’s a numbers game 
  3. Epic mini battle underway 

So that’s probably Apple and Microsoft media evented out for this year, on the tablet front, we should think. Amazon have shipped their first Kindle Fires in the UK. So who has still to perform in advance of the upcoming spendfest?

Click to enlarge

Google of course. Better late than Nexus they are doing their thing on Monday at Pier 36 in New York. It’s been postponed due to hurricane Sandy with a subsequent date TBA. Dangerous places piers!

Microsoft are going ahead, on Monday, in California with their latest Windows Phone 8 happening.

Maybe next year we should start having S/F Tablet weeks in San Francisco and New York ala  the A/W S/S London, Paris, Milan, New York and so on Fashion weeks. We now have this horrible concept of Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer and Larry Page strutting up and down a catwalk hmmmmmm.

Incidentally on the numbers game post above there’s the Microsoft video of their Windows 8 launch on Thursday.


Here’s a certain Bill Gates introducing the Surface back in 2007!


On a lighter note, some early snow is appearing on the Glencoe Mountain webcams. This is what it can be like on a REALLY good day! (If you want to skip the drive up Loch Lomond scroll in about 2 minutes).

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