It’s Official – “The era of the PC has ended” ….. but

Gartner Inc Research Vice President Phil Redman said that at their Symposium/ITExpo in Florida this week continuing with “…… Employees are becoming more mobile and looking for ways to still be connected wherever work needs to be done.”

In support of the statement Gartner predict:

  • “… that through 2017, 90 percent of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support.
  • Over the next five years, 65 percent of enterprises will adopt a mobile device management (MDM) solution for their corporate liable users
  • Mobile device proliferation is inevitable and the only way that IT staff can maintain control is by separating mobile computing devices into three distinct device classes: trusted standard devices provided by the company, tolerated devices and non-supported devices.”

They go on to say that “Most companies and users are supporting the tablet for limited usage, typically for email and personal information management (PIM) functions.”

So summarising that, as we are all going to increasingly BYOD to work every organisation will need an  MDM solution to currently cater for email and PIM functions with much much more to come in the future.

BUT some like DLA Piper see troubles/opportunities ahead. In their report “Protecting confidential information: Trends and tactics for today’s employer” which  “reveals that 60 % of employers either allow or require employees to use their personal devices for work purposes. This is a trend we expect to see continue in the workplace, given the growing demands of today’s tech-savvy workforce and that many businesses are cutting costs – but is something which, inevitably, poses a security risk for UK companies.”

Their research identifies the risks arising in four specific areas:

  1. Data storage capabilities of portable devices
  2. BYOD
  3. Ownership of contacts
  4. Social Media

They found that 60% of respondents had concerns about social media but 61% didn’t have a policy for employees! 68% monitor employee usage and 24% request employees social media log-in details!

Information/data security of most concern to employers was found to be:

  • Pricing structures – 55%
  • Human Resource information  – 50%
  • Customer & supplier details – 46%
  • Business plans – 43%
  • Budgets and financial resources – 40%

We are surprised the 46% isn’t higher but maybe it doesn’t include customer contacts!

You can request a copy of the report as long as you agree to their email policy! We’re going to give it a shot & may report back!

In other (not wholly unrelated) news Amazon  have, most timeously, announced their Kindle app for Windows 8 so you can read all your books reports etc etc not only on your Surface, but also on zillions of other devices running Widows 8.

So if the PC era is dead is it worth Microsoft spending, allegedly over $1billion on the Windows 8 launch? – We shall see!

Information partially sourced from: Gartner Inc, DLA Piper & Amazon

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