Epic MiNi battle underway

UPDATE 6pm BST until 7.15pm approx

General intro by Tim Cook & starting with Mac product updates then iPad. Tim Cook then summarises.

Watch the video of the full event.

Our highlights:

The mini

  • Press release
  • The name – iPad mini
  • Screen size – 7.9″
  • Colours – Black & white aluminium ala iPhone 5
  • HxWxD (mm) -200×134.7×7.2
  • Weight – .68lbs (308gm) our conversion
  • Memory from- 16GB
  • Wifi
  • Preorders for wifi models from – Friday October 26
  • Price from US – $329
  • Price from UK – £269
  • Availability  US – wifi -November 02. LTE – November 16
  • Availability  wide range of countries including the UK Wifi – November 02

Other iPad mentions/updates – Tim Cook announces over 100 million iPads sold.  iBooks Author update. 4th generation iPad -A6X chip, lightning connector same pricing

Other major announcements

  • Mac mini updated shipping from today
  • MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Price US from $1,699 shipping from today
  • iMacs
  • Press release -MacBook ProAll New iMac

Updated comparisons  schedule  -The  iPad mini is very thin & light but a bit pricey at the entry level we feel.

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Live stream from  Apple events page! Elsewhere its reported to be a bit stuttery!  MacRumors amongst many zillions are live bloging the event. Apple shares are climbing back towards last nights close having been down $12 earlier in the day Currently $630 6.45 PM BST -$4 ish Subsequently dropped back to $618 ish at 7.15 BST. Closed at $613.36 down $20.67 on the day.

We’ll end the update with the advert shown during the Special event today.


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All invites have been accepted.



The theatre has been prepped.



Doors open at 9am PDT.


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The curtain rises at 10am PDT (6pm BST).


Live stream from  Apple events page!


We await the show, which we will report on during and after the event.



If you have an Apple TV there should now be an extra icon Apple events and come 10am PDT they will be live streaming their event. Unknown at present if it will also be available via their website – we will keep you informed. It is on their site  & should appear on their  Apple events page!

Apple store now closed so if you want to brush up on your language skills over you go.


In the meantime we have got together one of our little schedules showing the UK competition, which we shall also update after the event.

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We expect the Mini iPad (we still reckon this could be the name as there’s the New iPad precedent) to be a larger (likely 7.85 in screen) and be priced at a justifiable premium possibly  around the £220 level. We are hoping for an early November availability date in the UK. We doubt if Microsoft will ever introduce a Subsurface – but you never know!

There is a well argued case over at Tech Thoughts  estimating Google‘s Nexus 7 sales at between 6 and 8 million this year. We’ll settle for 7!

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As we predicted they are likely updating their Nexus 7 next week and, ….. roll on drums, rumoured to be introducing a 10 inch screen tablet, astonishingly named the Nexus 10. The information gathered by The Verge  include its likely manufacturer being identified as Samsung. We shall see on Monday October 29 by which time we will be on GMT again so we will only (temporarily) have  a 4 hour time difference with New York. Incidentally interesting to see that Microsoft this Thursday are at Pier 57 and Google on Monday at Pier 36. No 8’s or 10’s there then!

If you are in London and champing at the bit waiting for Windows 8 then The Inquirer warns you that PC World/Currys want to see you with “the promise of free tea or coffee, sausage rolls and doughnuts, (at) the Tottenham Court Road” branch from 00.01 am on Friday (very early) morning October 26. They are also providing a magician to keep you entertained, plus some discounts and freebies so you could dash along and join the queue – if there is one!  In the US (and Canada presumably) Microsoft stores (including their Holiday/Pop-up Stores which we calculate now outnumber their permanent ones!) with your Surface acquisition you can get a years free Xbox music —- if you’re in the first 100 in line at their opening!

We hope to welcome you back on our return just before 6pm BST

California Theatre photos from techie buzz

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