Keep an I on our Week (Top & tots tablet edition)

The top three +1 articles this week were:

1.  How many MiNi’s can you squeeze into a media event 

2.  A digital transformation is underway 

3= UK figures in UN’s lowest 25 & top 10

3= Internet sales could reach £10 billion this quarter

As Apple finally announced its MiNi iPad (& Mac) media event on Tuesday past it makes it possibly the most crowded upcoming week ever in the Top Tablet sector.

  • Tuesday 23 – Likely MiNi iPad launch (San Jose)
  • Wednesday 24 – Surface reception (New York)
  • Thursday  25 Surface deliveries commence, Kindle Fire deliveries commence in UK

Macrumors have a whole separate section (via a tab in their navigation bar) called Roundups which gathers together all the rumours, leaks etc about “Apple’s upcoming new product releases and updates.” In the MiNi iPad section they have this very revealing little schematic showing the relative screen sizes of the main competitors. (excluding the Surface which has a 10.6 in screen and a 16/9 ratio {we think that equates to 47.5 insq ish}). We have to admit we keep saying the 7” MiNi whereas of course it’s really the 7.85” MiNi quite a difference (although we do have a preference for the 7” size ourselves)

Now onto the Tots Tablets. Many retailers particularily in the US are already publishing their top 20 seasonal toys and two specialist tablets figure widely. They are the LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer  and the Innotab 2S .  Both are available in the UK and cost around the £70 mark. Toys R Us have (unsurprisingly) their own Tabeo in their list, but as we mentioned before   this isn’t available in the UK. For the younger age groups we think these are brilliant!

Here’s comparison of the two followed by a couple of links through to Amazon if you want to have a closer look.

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