How many MiNis can you squeeze into a media event?

UPDATE 5.15pm BST 9.15am PDT – It’s happening. 10am PT 23 October at the California Theatre in San Jose.

California Theatre

It all looks quite colourful including the theatre although from a leaked product list it looks as if the MiNi iPad colours maybe ……… just black and white!

Not sure how much prepping will take place at the theatre. Loving the spelling though!





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Well if yet another “usually reliable source” can be deemed to be credible we might at least be forewarned today. On its arrival we will replace Martin Hajek’s brilliant graphic with the invitation – as long as it is available and suitable!

Adding to the All Things D broken news Reuters rapidly followed on with their very own, sort of, exclusive saying that Apple will host a media event on October 23.

Along with the possibility of certain Mac announcements (eg a 13″ MacBook Pro) being tagged on to the event it appears that another MiNi is shoeing its way in – that’s the Mac mini of course. Historically it was, sort of, marketed as the BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse) or as the mini in a small box.

The MiNi iPad, as we still insist on calling it, will likely fit into the same box along with the Mac mini. The iPad is definitely a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) product in a business/enterprise sense.

In other tablet news, ahead of its October 26 launch of Windows 8, Microsoft aired yesterday the first Surface TV ad. Apparently according to The Verge  “The ad features a play on the click sound generated from the kickstand on the device and the magnetic keyboard.” Elsewhere talk of 3-5 million Surface production in this quarter are ahem surfacing! UPDATE Microsoft today announced the Surface pricing starting at $499 + from $100 for the featured Touch Cover with integrated touch-sensitive keyboard. We think his blue cover (sorry cyan) is 1 cent short of $120!

We’re impressed with the ad – don’t know if it will be aired in the UK – we guess so as part of the $1billion overall campaign – wow!

In other news Amazon have got The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series on kindle but not yet the Mobile Semiconductor division of Texas Iustruments.

They also announced today the hiring over the seasonal period of 50,000 (yes that’s 50,000) positions.

So that could be two absolute blockbusters and another wow!

We shall report back a little later on the MiNi epic as/if it unfolds!

Invitation via The Wall Street Journal

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