Keep an I on our week (Where’s the Mini iPad invite edition)

The top three articles this week were:

  1. A Nation’s Digital Future is Improving
  2. MiNi iPad – the Major Issues 
  3. Prime Spot for Harry Potter 

All the rumours of invitations to a MiNi iPad event arriving on October 10 for a October 17 reveal proved to be unfounded.

But now yet another “usually reliable source”, none other than All Things D (part of The Wall Street Journal) now predicts a break with recent tradition and a Tuesday October 16 invite to a Tuesday 23 event in Apple’s home town Cupertino in the Town Hall Auditorium.  This, in our view, is still pretty close to their results announcement due on the 25th but we shall, yet again, wait and see. A complete guess by us is that for some operational reason it has been delayed by a week.

In the meantime we’ve come across another Mini – that’s the Kobo MiNi eReader and it’s probably available from WH Smith in the UK for about £60 – to be honest we’re not quite sure about the size possibly too small – we shall see.

Here’s a, rather background noisy, video from their recent product launch – they are Canada based and now owned by Rakuten  (the sort of Japanese Amazon).

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