MiNi iPad – the Major issues (II)

No invitations yesterday so we’re adding another major issue:

  • The invitation date

Apple have a bit of a tradition of invitations on the Wednesday followed by the media event a week later. If they stick with this schedule then the next possibility is October 17 and 24 BUT their September quarters results announcement is due on October 25 and we think a media event the day before might be a little restricted, information wise, and could detract from either or both announcements.

So next up is October 24 and 31. Perfectly possible as long as they can avoid all the “tricky” “treat” “spooky” “scary” etc headlines associated with Halloween.

We will wait & see!

Thursday October 11 9.30am BST

UPDATE 7pm BST 2pm EDT – No invitations appearing yet and a rumour spreader is already apologising – maybe it’s tomorrow! MacRumours is very quiet. Maybe they’re waiting for something.

It is strongly rumoured that a media event will be announced, by email invitation from Apple later today which may only hint at the unveiling of the 7” screen iPad on October 17. The iPhone 5 timelapse was a week (invitation to event) so this seems highly plausible.

We have called it, provisionally, the MiNi iPad (more on this later) and we are delighted to receive some support from, probably the best pre Apple product announcement concepts 3-D graphic designer in the world, Martin Hajek. His images on Turbosquid  and via his website  are seriously impressive.

Now on to the major issues. We consider them to be:

  • The name
  • The colour(s)
  • The media event location
  • The “prepping” of the location

Apple tend to go for either short suffix names (touch, nano, shuffle, classic, air, pro and mini) or numbers (eg 4S and 5) for their hardware. The new iPad was the exception. So whilst our (& Martin’s) mini iPad is a possible we think lite or milli/mille are outside bets. We have discounted 7, 7HD, HD7, small, little and tiny completely! We also very much doubt if it will have an x or a k in its name and a p or d would be a bit repetitive. Elsewhere we have seen nano, air, 4

Colours are definitely going to include black and white! Martin has other colours in his widely acclaimed concept drawings but we agree with him that the black anodised aluminium shell (a la iPhone 5) is a distinct possibility. To be honest  we think it looks super cool!

Media event location – probably again the YBCA Yerba Buena Center fot the Arts  in San Francisco. .

Prepping – how about just black and white with some Apple grey touches!

Even before its announcement quarter 4 shipments of 10 million mini iPads  and 20 million others  are being mooted.


As we have said, many times before we are sure the 100 millionth iPad sale will figure strongly in the launch and subsequently with their September quarters results due to be announced on  October 25.



The other unknown currently is the invitation content – the new iPad was comparatively low key. We’re hoping for some “It’s almost here” subtlety. Here’s a montage of invites. There is a 7 in the likely event date hmmmm.

We shall see & report back later in the day, or tomorrow, or after the invitations start appearing!

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