Are we going screening mad?

The BMJ, yesterday we think, published some research by Dr Aric Sigman, “…. a Chartered Biologist, Fellow of the Society of Biology, Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a recipient of the Chartered Scientist award from the Science Council and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine” per his website  . It’s entitled  “Time for a View on Screen Time” and can be purchased on a one off basis £24 $US30 or by subscription.

It’s got quite a lot of press along the lines of “Cut Childrens Screen Time” .  In the available extract Dr Sigman writes “….  By the age of 18 years, the average European child will have spent 3 years of 24 h days watching screen media; at this rate, by the age of 80 years, they will have spent 17.6 years4  glued to media screens”.

Here’s a requote from the PA article “Dr Sigman – who is also a child health expert – has made a raft of suggestions for children’s screen consumption including delaying the age children start using screens to at least three. Children aged between three and seven should be limited to half-an-hour to an hour of screen time each day, he said.” Sort of reminds us of the introduction of the printing press, and the millions of deaths caused by the automobile!

Apparently LeapFrog (the children’s tablet maker) carried out some research  earlier this year which we’re trying to get hold of & will update you with their conclusions if relevant.

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Elsewhere at the beginning of the month in connection with the release of the latest series of Modern Family 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment got an infographic together of how we “Brits” spend our time. Based on their survey of 2,000 people on average we have per household 2 TV’s and 3 off both mobiles and PC’s laptops tablets. (Netmums have done a convenient listing of all our activities and devices etc etc).

So per household we have 8 screens in use and we visit one other one on a regular (monthly) basis.

This got us thinking about the total number of screens we come into contact with and we have come up with a provisional list of 19 which we shall amend from time to time. We also may limit them by definition or obsolescence! “Capable of portraying moving images/videos” might be a working definition. Screen (touch) are the, outside home, screens increasingly appearing on our travels to eg our Supermarkets, GP, Train & Underground Stations etc etc.

Camera (video)
Digital photo frame
DVD player (portable)
Games console (hand held)
Hoardings (digital advertising)
MP3 player (smart)
Screen (atm)
Screen (car)
Screen (event)
Screen (touch)
Tablet (childs)


If some people think we may have some problems now then the future could be …. ahem interesting in our view!  We shall see & touch!!

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