A Nation’s Digital Future is Improving

The Scottish Government today published its first Annual Progress Report and Update on its Digital Future Strategy (the original report was published in March 2011).

Initially we would like to commend them on  significant enhancements and  improvements to the layout and presentation of  the content.

We now have the following four Digital strands :

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For each they present a graphic of the key actions (which, sort of, replaces the previous set of 28 actions some of which ran to over 50 words)!

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It looks like Infrastructure may also be replacing Connectivity which we again applaud.

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Links are as follows:

  • Scotland’s Digital Future: A Strategy for Scotland (March 2011) (pdf)
  • Annual Progress Report and Update 2012 (pdf)

You are also encouraged to “Get involved in discussing Digital Scotland by:

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The Twitter account is a little embryonic but unlike Nook_UK they have tweeted and it is ahem personalised! They (The Scottish Government) also have a YouTube Channel.

It’s a bit picky but we did notice that action 6.3 in the original wordy document reads ”We will publish on our website a report on out progress in delivering the actions set out in this Strategy in March 2012, 2013 and 2014. These reports will include an assessment of whether each of the actions is still appropriate, and whether any new actions are required”.

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That’s one of the problems with too many words!

Our, leave you with, video(s) are of the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Capital Investment and Cities, Nichola Sturgeon introducing the update.

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