Microsoft Tablet to resurface in the big Apple on October 25

Yesterday Microsoft sent out invitations to “… celebrate Windows 8” in New York City during a 4 hour event. In what we could only describe as the small print they add “Including a Microsoft Surface Reception”.

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So they, sort of, had the launch and are now proceeding to a “reception”. Elsewhere a “Save the date” announcement has been made concerning Windows Phone 8 which some commentators have likened to a “sort of” wedding invitation. (we will return to the San Francisco event a little later).

So on the wedding analogy what can be expected at the Surface “reception”? We’re unsure but think on balance it’s likely to be at least pricing and more than likely the announcement of virtually worldwide availability within a matter of possibly days or even hours according to several sources .

Our reasoning is, that we saw a cnet piece  mentioning that there was a reference to the Surface on certain Microsoft sites (it simply links to a “Coming soon page” on the US site). We followed this sighting up by reviewing Microsoft’s page listing of all 98 worldwide sites. We discovered that the magic word actually appears on, we think, a majority of the sites, certainly Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the UK were there when we did our …. ahem research. China didn’t, as far as we could ascertain, display it and disagreeing with cnet we couldn’t see it on the US or German sites! The African countries have a distinctly different site layout and we couldn’t find Surface as a Popular Resource.

So we conclude that it is set for virtually worldwide (bar China perhaps) availability from midnight on 25 October EDT in certain US outlets and the next day elsewhere.

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Now back to those Windows Phone 8  “Save the date”  October 29 in San Francisco warnings!

We found three colour variants but can’t see the fourth green one! As we mentioned before  we’re unsure as to where the Surface lies on Microsoft’s colour coding but have to admit now to being rather confused cos the phone appears to be multi coloured except for the green!

We can proffer no explanation!

NB As mentioned in yesterdays post October 25 is the same date when Apple announces it’s latest quarterly results so Microsoft may not get all of the headlines!

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We are reminded that it was a year past today that Steve Jobs passed away.

The Apple store has a tribute and you may also wish to visit their Remembering Steve page.

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