Mini Tablet Tales

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As we enter the last quarter of the year the new tablet product announcements proliferate ahead of the upcoming spendfest.

We have added Barnes & Noble to our schedule, primarily because of their decision to enter the UK market. We still note that their @nook_UK twitter account remains embryonic but is getting a few more followers!

In spite of all the hype currently in the UK the only major delivering UK product is Google with their Nexus 7. Amazon are due to join them, with some of their Kindle Fires and HD’s on 25 October. They have a bit of a habit of shipping early so, they might just start arriving in the week commencing October 22.

Now Apple‘s  already famous MiNi iPad (as we like to call it) is already being produced in volume in Asia allegedly (according to the Wall Street Journal ) and even the Daily Mail has caught up on the story today – so it must be true!

Todays tales are:

October 17 is heavily rumoured/leaked as the MiNI iPad launch date in which case the invitations will go out next week. Apple will also be announcing their quarterly results on 25 October.

We still think they will major on the 100 millionth iPad sale as part of their release.

With all the moves toward the 7” screen we wonder if (to join the big boys) a Nexus 10 might appear and to join the MiNi brigade perhaps a SubSurface or Underground!

Here’s a mock up hands on video of the MiNi iPad – not quite the real thing!


Or you can inspect a new case for the MiNi iPad all the way from Cygnett via an Australian outlet!

Mock up MiNi iPad picture credit to Macrumors where along with AppleInsider you can catch up on nearly all the Apple tales!

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