New nook HD’s available in snow and smoke at Waitrose …..

……… or in black and white at Sainsbury’s (Apologies We couldn’t resist that. Also, on the poetic licence front, smoke is closer to grey rather than black and, elsewhere, snow has been likened to ivory!)

Barnes & Noble announced their new HD & HD+ 7″ and 9″ tablet range yesterday and impressively we, in the UK can preorder them in October with availability from their expanding list of UK retailers in November. The comparable US dates are now and November 1. Prices are 7″/9″ from £159 ($199)/£215ish ($269).

B & N are bravely going head to head with Amazon‘s  Kindle Fire HD (and Google‘s Nexus 7)  and Apple‘s new iPad  (or iPad3 as they call it) and even have,  totally objective, comparisons on their US website! If you would like an independent’s initial reactions then CNET have a useful set of comparisons and opinions.

nook‘s UK website  is taking shape and their announced resellng retailers so far are Argos, Blackwell’s, Curry’s/PC World, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. We’re slightly surprised that Asda isn’t included as they use Wallmart in the US. We’re disappointed that HMV’s not there as they have a very high footfall on the high street and over 230 stores and looking to concentrate increasingly on the technology device market.

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As an aside you can preview the cover of JK Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy on their site (and now ours). We would personally have shown this rather than Marie Claire on their UK promo shots. Initial book reviews per The Telegraph. Alternatively The Mirrors review has the first page tweeted from the Philippines we believe!





Whilst digressing we couldn’t help but notice this in B & N’s press release “For more information on NOOK, follow us on or and”.

So we’ve duly done as they requested re nook uk and are their first follower on what we can only describe as a rather embryonic account!

It’s going to be a fascinating journey for all the major tablet suppliers in a huge but increasingly crowded market. IDC recently raised its 2012 worldwide tablet forecast from 107.4 million to 117.1 which includes a little under 5 million using the windows operating system where Microsoft have yet to announce availability and pricing of their Surface tablet.

We believe that the Apple, Barnes & Noble Amazon Google and Microsoft ecosystem comparisons are at least as, if not more, important than those of the device. Or the 3 most important attributes of a tablet are content content and content!

On this front we notice that Google Play announced today (on the official android blog) its 25 billionth download. They are featuring the “25″ in various 25p (or 25 cents) app and game offers together with a slightly bizarre one on 25 banned books at 99p and, presumably, 99 cents!

We will leave you with B & N’s video – Introducing Nook HD and Nook HD+

together with CNET’s HD 7″ & HD+ 9″ videos.


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