The UK’s Coolest Technology/Internet Brands

CoolBrands®  have just published their latest assessment  (2012-2013) of the Coolest UK brands.

“The UK’s CoolBrands are chosen by an Expert Council of influencers and members of the British public. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered. The entire selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis.”

The Results (pdf) and the Selection criteria (pdf) and some selected Brands and the Expert Council members appear on the CoolBrands site.

The Technology/Internet sector (our definition) has we think done exceptionally well achieving 5 of the top 6 places in the overall “Top 20 CoolBrands”.

  1. Apple
  2. YouTube
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Twitter
  5. Google
  6. iPlayer

Of the 54 “Category Winners” the 6 Technology/Internet sector (our definition again) winners are:

  • Games & Toys – PlayStation
  • Media (Networks, Platforms & Providers) – Google
  • Music & Movie Streaming – YouTube
  • Social Media – Twitter
  • Technology (General) – Apple
  • Technology (Communications) - Blackberry

Of the (we reckon) 570 “Qualifying CoolBrands” (from 45 Park Lane, through M.A.C  to Zumba ) we have assessed our Technology/Internet participants at 41 although we admit to possibly having missed a game or two!

These 41 include the following whose brand is their domain name (alphabetically) – CoolBrands category:

All these 54 categories got us thinking about the extent to which these already have been, or will be, disrupted.

Apple won overall & in the category Technology (General). Its competitor Qualifying CoolBrands in this category included, Canon, Kindle, Leica, Lowe, Lomography , Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Roland,  Sony, TomTom and Toshiba.

Looking at the existing Drinks – Spirits categories there are 7 separate ones (Aperitif/Flavoured, Brandy, Gin, Rum/Cane, Tequila, Vodka & Whisky). We would hazard a guess that Diageo owns/distributes the majority of the winning brands in the UK.

In other categories:

  • Angry Birds is competing with Hamleys and the Rubik’s cube in Toys and Games.
  • Amazon competes with Berry Bros & Rudd, Jo Jo Maman Bebe  and  Smythson but they would likely be happy to compete within all of the 54 listed categories, and probably do!
  • iPlayer didn’t win the Music & Movie Streaming category because it was beaten by YouTube!

We know it’s the coolest brands which are under consideration, not the most valuable, recognised, respected or whatever but we do feel a few more categories reflecting t’internet and technology could be considered.

Then next year Apple could win in Retail (Devices), Devices (Tablets), Devices (MP3/Portable music players), Devices (Smartphones), Devices (Computers), Music Streaming etc etc etc.

This of course does not reflect our wish to have each category winners name commencing with the ubiquitous “i”!

We may, and encourage you, to give your brand inputs to CoolBrands as we believe they are welcome!

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