What’s a brands Digital IQ?

L2  “A think tank for digital innovation” who “… bring together thought leaders from industry + academia to help brands navigate the changing digital landscape” have come up with, we think, an impressive and innovative methodology for the digital assessment  of brands.

In our words they calculate a brand’s digital IQ based on differing weightings of the effectiveness, efforts presence and optimisation of their digital activities. In their latest 2012 Digital IQ Index ® : Sportswear, they have Site (35%) Digital Marketing (25%) Social Media (20%) and Mobile (20%).

For ease they calibrate the IQ’s into ranges as per our graphic of Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble. Their assessment, as far as we can see, have not yet at least included Apple so we won’t know if they qualify for a Genius rating!

They did at the end of last year compile a European Specialty Retailer Index and we are pleased to report that the15 UK retailers had the highest average IQ at 112, so we are Gifted! Spain’s 6 were Average, France’s 24 and 5 Others in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland together with Italy’s 5 were all Challenged!

The top 5 UK retailers (of the 15) on the digital front & their respective IQ’s were:

  1. asos / 156
  2. NET-A-PORTER / 148
  3. Marks & Spencer / 130
  4. House of Fraser / 120
  5. Harrods / 119

Whilst we have not done a 100% review of the available information on their rankings one of the highest scores we have encountered was 164 for LVMH’s Sephora   in a Mobile IQ ranking back in January this year (as opposed to the wider digital ones referred to above).

They even attempted “to quantify the Facebook competence of 100 iconic brands across Beauty, Fashion, Specialty Retail, and Watches & Jewelry” in June. Macy’s  won out on that with Sephora in second place.

A different approach and despite us having some reservations on the range names we like the approach. The website & their reports are definitely worth a look.

Incidentally unsurprisingly Nike won out on their just released report on Sportswear brands with an IQ of 148 Adidas were second

Here’s how L2 describe their mission and methodology.

Digital IQ Index® is a registered trademark of L2.

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