Brick & Mortar, Click & Order, which UK retailers are winning online footfall?

Using data from their Mobile Metrix 2 service comScore   have just released, their study of US smartphone shopping behaviour.

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“The study found that 4 in every 5 smartphone users – 85.9 million in total – accessed retail content on their device in July. Amazon Sites led as the top retailer with an audience of 49.6 million visitors, while multi-channel retailers including Apple (17.7 million visitors), Wal-Mart (16.3 million visitors), Target (10 million visitors) and Best Buy (7.2 million visitors) also attracted significant mobile audiences.”

Having had a quick look at the Alexa 3 month internet traffic rankings for the 15 listed US retailers there appears to be virtually a direct correlation on the top 6. This sort of implies that smartphone usage reflects all device usage which is not, in our view completely unrealistic.

We were slightly surprised not to find Netflix in the top 15 retailers listed by comScore as we think they are a content online retailer.

Of the US retailers possibly CVS (the second largest US pharmacy after Walgreen) and Limited Brands (six of them with the most well known being Victoria’s Secret!) may be less familiar to our UK visitors. Etsy is also an interesting phenomena.

Using Alexa’s UK rankings we have come up with a provisional list of the, effectively, most visited UK retailers online channels. We’ve included Netflix and attributed Love Film to Amazon’s stable. We also have included Gumtree with its owner eBay. Where there are several brands we’ve added reach statistics to calculate their position.

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It’s a bit of a snapshot but we may produce the list on a quarterly basis to monitor the changes.

Our UK study found that over the last quarter online giants eBay and Amazon sites held the #1 and 2 positions. Of the top 20  retailers there was a 70/30 split between multi-channel and solely online retailers. 65% of the retailers are UK based organisations led by the Home Retail Group.

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