Can Cloud Player Match ITunes in the Cloud?

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Amazon have just announced, the availability in the UK, France and Germany of their digital music collection management system Cloud Player.

Jeff Bezos has written one of his letters again! “Get started” here

From our initial travels around the product:

  • It’s available for iOS android and Windows operating systems and on up to 10 devices. Cost wise its free for up to 250 tracks (plus any MP3 purchases from amazon) and then £21.99 a year for up to 250,000 tracks for their premium service. The £21.99 coincidentally is the same as Apple’s iTunes Match  annual fee, but this seems to be limited to 25,000 tracks!
  • Storage is in the cloud and from amazon’s library of 20 million tracks (as with iTunes and likely other such systems it replaces your tracks with its own, unless yours are not in their library in which case they get adopted).
  • You can stream or download to your devices the music on an as required basis.
  • Audio quality indicated is 256 kbps

There’s a, sort of, UK dubbed video available (& French),  but we have been unable so far to track down a downloadable version so heres the US equivalent (ignore the words about videos files pictures etc at the end as these are NOT available as part of the UK Cloud Player service). Use our or your links to reach rather than the .com site in this video.


CNET have this overview of the US system  which is quite positive (again ignore the non music comments).

We think that choice will largely be dependent on which eco system you currently enjoy. If its Apple iDevices and operating systems we would be surprised to see many people switching to Cloud Player (unless of course they have a small collection, < 250 tracks, and simply want to use it as a free backup facility). Another consideration is the major iTunes upgrade Apple announced earlier this month iTunes 11  which is due to arrive in October.

Kindle Fire tablets haven’t yet arrived and this introduction by Amazon obviously is a partial precursor to that later this year.

If you are an other than Apple ecosystem individual or, as is more likely, of the mixed systems persuasion, then this is, we would have thought, worth at least a trial.

We will likely go down this route as we have iTunes on PC, although we may have to invest in an iPod touch! At a trivial level we also rather like the iTunes cover flow!

We would be interested in / value your experiences good, bad, or indifferent!

As you can tell we are an Amazon Associate! In conjunction with the Cloud Players introduction they have a single album offer (choose one from 622 in their Essentials Artists under £4 collection)  for 99p. (Use the code CLOUD99P) There’s a fairly wide selection varying from Ella Fitzgerald through The Spice Girls to Katy Perry.

As Jeff Bezos says “Enjoy and happy listening”!

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