Keep an “I” on our Week (September 15)

The top three articles this week were:

  1. Are Tablets Taboo for Kids?
  2. End of the iPhoney War 
  3. Earliest Licence for Latest TV

It’s been Apple’s week, or to be more accurate the iPhone 5 week. If you want to relive the whole of their announcements they have put up their “Streaming video from the special event.”

Already the forecasters are making their early predictions:

  • IHS iSuppli are estimating  an over 50% increase on iPhone 2011 sales with “ record shipments in q4 “ which is not a particularly difficult prediction as through the second calendar quarter they are running.56.7% ahead of 2011. We would hazard an aggressive punt and say they just might sell over 50 million iPhones in Q4!
  • Digitimes puts the figure at nearer 40 million with demand exceeding supply on the iPhone 5 due to, in particular, supply shortages of in-cell  touch screen panels.
  • Piper Jaffray‘s Gene Munster, in a note to clients, mentions a 49 million figure for Q4 and, sort of, describes the iPhone as a Rolex amongst Timexes!

Apple’s shares have been powering ahead and at end of the week, you guessed it, reached another all time high at $691.28 just failing to cross the $700 level during the day.

In other news Digitimes forecasts that around 5 million new Kindle Fire HD tablets’s will be shipped in the second half of the year.

Finally the Kickstarter project we mentioned a few weeks back SmartThings are doing rather well and with a little more funding in the next 6 days or so could raise the magic $1 million. Worth a look-see!

Their latest video showing their mobile app gives you an idea of how “Smart” their “Things” really are!


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