End of the iPhoney War!

UPDATE (II) September 13 am

Apple Special Event September 12, 2012 – Streaming video from the special event

UPDATE (I) Sept 12 6pm BST onwards!

As is fairly standard with Media Events it started a little late!  Good live blog at Gizmodo. Tim Cook opens the show & is talking! Intro over, Phil Schiller talking iPhone! In fact iPhone 5!

Its thinner lighter but bigger with a 4 inch display. Battery life claimed 8 hours 3G talk, 225 standby, 10 wifi browsing, 8  LTE, 10 video, & 40 music. Camera is like the 4S but thinner & clever & less blurry! A6 chip. New 8 pin lightning dock connector (plus adaptor for old accessories). Colours black or white.

Scot Forstall demos Maps, Mail, Passbook, Photostream, Siri,  +

Pricing $200 $300 $400 for 16GB 32GB 64GB.

Shipping September 21 in USA and main European countries + Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan & Singapore. Pre orders from 14 September.

Gizmodo’s summary of all the iPhone 5′s new features

Tim Cook introduced Eddy Cue to talk iTunes 11 and the new iPod/iPod Touch ranges. Also new headphones aka earpods.

Tim Cook does a sort of general roundup. That’s it at 7.45pm BST with the Foo Fighters closing the show with 2 songs.

Press releases (1) iPhone 5 (2) iTunes and (3)  iPod iPod touch Share price fairly flat today about -$2 at 8pm BST closed strongly +$9.20 & a further+$1 after hours.

The Apple store is still closed open again in the UK & USA. You could have read that it was closed in 18 languages!

After the presentations were finished some hands on time was given to the attendees. Anandtech shot this video which we found on the Mac Rumours site. Both they and Apple Insider have extended coverage of the new product announcements.

ORIGINAL POST (pre announcement)

Well nearly! Some time after 6pm BST (10am PDT 1pm EDT) it is a 100% certainty that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 in all its fully featured glory. A bit part is also likely to be played by a new range of iPods. As we have already trailed,we think that the fact that over 100 million iPads have been sold deserves a very honourable mention. Also we think it’s just possible there might be a teaser concerning a future announcement on this front together with a few indirect swipes at the competition (Amazon’s Kindle Fire – only 22% of the US market, Microsoft’s Surface – where is it? and Google’s Nexus 7 – the small one). In the meantime here is our minimalist selection from the zillions of pixels already devoted to the event.

  1. The iPhone 5 launch could add between 0.25% and 0.5%, on an annualised basis, to US GDP in quarter 4 of 2012 according to a research note from Michael Feroli of J P Morgan.
  2. The “prepping” decor of the events location (Yerba Buena Theater) is, allegedly, in fact derived from “stretching various app icons” and you can even download a wallpaper of the recreated poster from MacStories!
  3. Canalys in a recent release  estimate iPhone unit sales reaching 216 million by 2016 (18% of the worldwide market) which we calculate to be a CAGR from 2011 of circa 17%. Todays NPD Display Search forecast is of  ” ..shipments to pass one billion in 2016″. They also predict that replacement devices far outweigh new ones and they “….  expect smartphone shipments to continue flourishing as users upgrade to the new iPhone.”
  4. “It …. may prove the moment to dump Apple Shares” reckon the Wall Street Journal.

Our own contribution is that the recent share price weakness (at yesterdays close (Aapl) it’s currently down 2.3% from the all time closing high of $676.27 reached on September 6 ) may now be reversed. We guess/forsee, in the absence of unforeseen circumstances, a rise of nearly 100% at some point during 2012 from the December 30 2011 price! That means reaching over $800! We shall return with some more news after the event. In the meantime numerous live blogging activities will occur but following the Amazon event we rather liked Mobile Nations Live (or iMore). They start about 15 minutes before the event at 5.45pm BST (9.45am PDT 12.45pm EDT). See you later! With apologies to Apple for the header graphic!

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