Crowdfunding is a Crowdsourced word!

Collins online dictionary   have been crowdsourcing new words and since July this year have received over 4,400 suggestions for inclusion in their online dictionary. They have just published both the results and also said that they are going to continue with this crowdsourcing activity in the future.

After receipt from their users all the suggested words  “were vetted by Collins editors using the publishers normal rigorous review process.” They have adopted 86 (that’s about 2% of the total submissions) and added them to their excellent database.

So now “While other publishers are making annual or quarterly updates behind closed doors, Collins chose to capture changes to the English language in real time through public suggestions and comments. The result is an open, living dictionary that can keep up with the pace of social media and technology.”

Nice objective, fully supported here! We also sense a laudable element of pragmatism noticing that  about 5 of the 86 words were “submitted by collinsdict”. Of the submitters “tikitaka” deserves special mention as, they have come up with nearly 10% of all the adopted words. Well done sir or madam!

This is where you can submit any word that you think should be in the dictionary. Your word will then go through an editorial evaluation. If it’s accepted your word will be published on within a few weeks, and your name will appear on the definition page where you will be recorded as the submitter of the word”.

For our part we have conducted a further, far less stringent and wholly subjective, “evaluation” of the 86 inclusions and identified nearly 30% as being internet/technology/social network related (our definition of course)!

Here they are with links to the Collins online dictionary for meanings, derivations, submitters etc etc. We’ve included a couple that caught our eye (I) if you see what we mean.

(Meanings *derivations – per Collins)

bashtag – blend of bash and hashtag


captcha -*acronym for C(ompletely) A(utomated) P(ublic Turing Test to) T(ell) C(omputers and) H(umans) A(part)




data cap


FaceTime – ® an application for a mobile communications device that enables people to speak to each other while simultaneously observing each other on a video display

geekism -a preoccupation with subjects that are generally considered as unfashionable or boring




lolz -*a plural of LOL ‘laugh(ing) out loud’, an abbreviation commonly used in internet and text-message


SMS -*Short Message Service

superphone - a telephone with a high-speed processor that can perform many of the functions of a computer


thanx – (informal) thank you

touch-ready – (of software) ready to work on touch-screen computers and devices






We couldn’t finish without mentioning their inclusion of LOCOG.

Here’s their full list.

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