Are Tablets Taboo for Kids?

ToysRus  don’t thing so as they have today announced the TabeoTM!

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It’s going on sale in the US from October 21 (well before Thanksgiving Black Friday & Cyber Monday of course) with a price tag of $149.99. It uses the android operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) has a 7 inch touch screen, camera, 20+ preloaded games some educational “stuff”, entertainment apps, the iStoryBooks app, a few books, wifi (with parental controls for the internet) and the vivid green “bumper” for ruggedness!

It will have access to over 7,000 apps and a developing ecosystem including its very own website 

“For parents who want to limit their child’s online time, tabeo can be set to only allow access on certain days or during certain hours. As an added bonus, if users bypass tabeo’s built-in Internet browser, parents will receive an email alert to notify them that their children may browsing in an unfiltered environment.”

This type of facility is becoming increasingly popular and the (new) Kindle Fire’s “Free Time”  seems, at first glance, to be even more comprehensive.

It doesn’t look as if the Tabeo (we’re still struggling a bit with the name!) is going on sale in the UK (or Europe although we did notice some French words on the box) but we are checking and will do an update with any information provided. UPDATE – Its been confirmed to us that the Tabeo will only be available in the US in 2012. is still available.

Last year apparently one of the most popular kids toys/gifts was the LeapPad from Leapfrog which was “toy of the year” and, you guessed it, there’s now a LeapPad2!.Its got a 5 inch screen & no internet connection. This is available in the UK and the cost is about £90.

There’s obviously a significant market here but with Amazon’s aggressive pricing at £129 for their “basic” Kindle Fire if you are happy with internet connection then, we think it warrants consideration.

The Wall Street Journal have also picked up on the ToysRus announcement.

We’ll leave you though with the LeapPad2 video.

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