The New Kindles


New products:
1. The kindle paperwhite (touch e reader) ($119 3G $179 ships October 1)
2. Upgraded kindle fire 7 inch ($159 ships September 14) (UK £129 October 25)
3. kindle fire HD 7 inch 16GB ($199 ships September14 ) (UK £159 & 32GB version £199  October 25)
4. kindle fire HD 8.9 inch 16GB ($299 ships November 20)
5. kindle fire HD 8.9 inch 32GB 4G LTE ($499 ships November 20)

“We want to make money when people use our devices not when they buy our devices.”

Scroll down to preorder in the UK. Pleased to see also available in France Germany and Spain.

Amazon press releases:

UK availability (if any) unclear. Not looking promising. Guess basic Kindle Fire might appear at a later date as well as Paperwhite

PC Pro and now many others reckon the basic 7 inch Kindle Fire (£129) and the HD 7 inch version 16GB (£159) plus the 32GB(£199) are coming to the UK and shipping from 25 October. Excellent news. They are up on the UK site with a personal letter from Jeff Bezos.

Excellent runover (live blogging format) of the event with copious graphics at mobilenations

Amazon are rumoured to be announcing new Kindles at their Press Conference in Los Angeles later today 6.30pm BST ( 10.30am PT).

Rather than the Microsoft/Nokia cryptic clue or Apples subtle hint amazon go for the (almost) straight forward marketing approach of screening a TV advert the night before the event, during the opening NFL game of the season, with a little more than glimpses of their new products.

The Verge, we believe, broke the story and their interpretation of the content is that the possible new additions consist of:

  • a backlit E Ink Kindle reader
  • updated Kindle Fires in both 7 and 10 inch sizes

Elsewhere certain commentators are unsure as to whether a 10inch tablet is shown or not.

Our “wish list” simply consists of a request that the new Fires and readers are made available internationally, and in particular in the UK, at the same time as they start shipping in the US .

Here’s the advert so you can come to your own conclusions on the new products.

Updating to follow after the event. Live blogging of it from CNET

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