iPhone 5 emerging from the shadows

Many commentators describe the Apple invitation to its Media Event as “cryptic”. We would simply say subtle! Some say that to view a more distinct shadowy 5 you should tilt the screen away from you (at the top) possibly on your Maxi iPad or any old iPhone!

As previously heavily trailed Apple, yesterday, issued email invitations to a Media event to be held (almost as usual) at the Yerba Buena Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10am PT which is 6pm BST on September 12.

The invitation reads:

“Please join us for an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on September 12 at 10.00 a.m. Registration begins at 9.00 a.m. Please arrive early.” Followed by various addresses maps & directions etc.

Simply the Apple announcement, in pixel/column inches terms will likely upstage both today’s joint Microsoft and Nokia event launching the already leaked Lumia range using Windows phone 8  as well as tomorrows Amazon event (probably Kindle Fire related +).

We have updated our increasingly crowded Media events / Product launches schedule (including the again rumoured secondary iPod addition to Apples event).

The MiNi iPad event is rumoured now to be taking place early in October possibly in the first week.

The next game in town (that’s San Francisco of course) is the external decoration of the Yerba Buena Arts Theater.  Photo’s will likely appear before the end of the week and we will put them up on arrival!

In the meantime today of course is the Microsoft / Nokia announcement in New York City at 9.30 am EDT which is 2.30pm BST. There will also likely be equivalent announcements at Nokia World in Helsinki. (You can follow a live blogging of the NY event with CNET). We will update with links and any deserving highlights later today. We are hoping for some Surface hints on in particular pricing and launch dates but fear we may be disappointed.

In the meantime we will leave you with Nokia’s cryptic teaser video -Things are about to change!


UPDATE 5.45pm BST Both company’s CEO’s were at the event today Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) and Stephen Elop (Nokia). Steve Ballmer was reported as saying   “We should see 400M new devices running Windows software”. Microsoft Press Release   All Things D article.

A, sort of, hands on video from Nokia of the Lumia 920.


Invitation credit- Apple

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