iPhone iPad iPod can now iPlay wherever whenever!

From today you can now download iPlayer TV programmes to view offline in trains and boats and planes etc etc!.

The facility “…  is initially available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices (running iOS 5.1) and will come to Android devices soon”.

Some limited restrictions apply:

  • Programmes are available, once downloaded, for 30 days
  • Once viewing of a downloaded programme commences it is available for 7 days
  • The above are additive so availability effectively extends to 37 days

“The BBC iPlayer app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Audiences who already have the BBC iPlayer app installed will be prompted to update their app via the iTunes App Store”.

A neat feature is that you can download multiple programmes at the same time.

So as the BBC say  “With mobile downloads for BBC iPlayer, you can now load up your mobile phone or tablet with hours and hours of BBC television programmes,…..”

In addition to the launch announcement   there is some relevant information on their internet blog post.

They possibly unlike the high street retailers did get an Olympic boost “ ..with 30m requests for iPlayer content via mobile or tablet in July”. We wonder what August was like!

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The initial graphic shows our mobile content choice by device. The high children’s and low news content surprised us. They say “For example, our data shows that children’s content is particularly popular on tablets, as they are devices kids can sit and play with wherever. BBC Three comedy is popular on smart phones, and is watched by young people while out and about or waiting for a bus or train”.

Translated into tabular format we think the data looks like:

iPlayer requests by genre (% total)
Mobile Tablet
Children’s 23% 34%
Drama 20% 16%
Factual 16% 17%
Comedy 13% 10%
Sport 10%  3%
Entertainment  8%  8%
Learning  4%  7%
Music  3%  3%
News  3%  3%
    100%     100%
Source: BBC Internet Blog September 4 2012
Numbers may not add due to rounding


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To be honest we’re not quite sure how to interpret their second graphic. We think it shows that peak viewing times remain , by and large, the same ireespective of device utilisation.

Anyway a most welcome extension to this free content. We await the iPlayers availability on our Nexus 7, rapidly followed by this download facility.

We continue to maintain that the iPlayer service and content should be a chargeable service wherever!


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