Keep an “I” on our week (Smart edition)

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The top three articles this week were

  1. The Internet of Smartthings 
  2. Smartphones Plurality in 2012, Majority in 2013
  3. Amazon stops and starts  

It’s been a SMART week one way and another.

We continue to be impressed with the Kickstarter project for the multi (up to 100 they claim) device home hub. The sensors/apps are things so you get lots of “and one more thing” type statements/comments. They hope to supply the hub internationally.

Having had a target of raising $250,000 they are now over $500,000 and with 21 days to go they are now hoping for the elusive $1 million which has only been achieved by 9 of the total approaching 29,000 successful (in fund raising terms) projects since its launch just over 3 years ago. A majority of the funds have been raised linked to product rewards. We reckon the figure is well over 70%. Also 5 backers have pledged at the over $10,000 level.

Worth a look.

Here’s a of short videos about another thing!.

On the Apple front look out for the announcement of, or your invitation to, their heavily trailed media event on September 12!

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