The Internet of SmartThings

Interesting project, we think, over on Kickstarter for a multi purpose hub with, already numerous monitors and several apps. Its open source as well. It’s called SmartThings (Kickstarter project link ) and they appear to be part of Physical Graph Corporation. They have the domain which we guess it acquired as it has been around since 2003.

They even have a monitor for your dog/pet (in its collar) which tells you when he leaves the back yard!

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They have generally had some good coverage eg from:



Here are their plans for international backers and the rewards on offer:

“We are targeting Q1 2013. To achieve that, we are in the process of researching compliance and certification requirements for international markets. We’re also looking into logistics and shipping. We can’t currently commit to a delivery date for international backers, but will be working diligently to fulfill international interest. We will work hard to minimize international shipping costs. If the cost ends up being more than you expected, or we cannot support your specific voltage needs, you will have an opportunity to cancel your pledge. If you want to hold off backing at the SmartThings Pack level, we’d love for you to back us at a Friend level to get priority access to SmartThings Packs when ready for your country and to help us get there as quickly as possible”.

Take a look at the video and you have until the beginning of the fall (September 22) to get involved over at Kickstarter. We are impressed  particularly as they are pursuing a path which we thought (ie a multi purpose/universal hub) was the way forward!


Update – You can follow the project and several of the founders/team on twitter:

and on Linkedin:

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