Conservatives are Red and Liberals are Blue

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Well that’s in the US of course!

amazon have come up with we think a rather interesting “Heat Map” fueled by the upcoming presidential elections taking place on November 6.

It of course, as well as contributing to the debate has a, likely objective of promoting & selling more books. Press release

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Updated daily the map by state gives the % Red and Blue books sold as well as listing the top 5 by ……ahem colour. Additionally US wide percentages are given plus the top 100 books by party. The presidential candidates and running mates own book sales percentages also appear. That Mr Ryan seems to be sort of winning on the running mate side but Mr Obama is currently ahead in the main race!

We have done a little research from the “Map” on ebooks v’s the more traditional hard and paperback varieties (with a very occasional audio CD in fact we only saw 1)


Kindle Book
Top 100 – USA 32.5% 66.5%
Blue – Top 100 29.0% 71.0%
Red – Top100 36.0% 64.0%
Top 5 – 50 states 44.6% 55.4%
Blue – Top 5 30.4% 69.6%
Red – Top 5 58.8% 41.2%

.With The Amateur by Edward Klein (Kindle version) being not only top of the US Red books but also we reckon also top in about 47 of the states on the Red side this influences the figures somewhat. In many cases it also appears in the top 5 in the hardback version. The price difference is $6.78.

The highest individual Kindle states were New York, New Mexico, Texas and Washington DC with 60% kindles equally split Red and Blue bar New Mexico where reds had 80% (4 of the 6).

A couple of other situations amused us:

  • Pennsylvania was already “too close to call” with the two parties reading habits rated at 50% for both Blue & Red books sold!
  • Blues led Reds by 78% to 22% in Washington DC but Reds led Blues by 72% to 28% in Mississippi

Links to the “real” Blue and Red  political sites.

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