A couple of points about Business Travellers mobile device habits

Four Points by Sheraton  a Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc  brand have just published some research* commissioned from STUDYLOGIC LLC of 6,000 business travellers from the UK, US, Brazil, China, India and Germany.

Concentrating initially on the (rather sparse) disclosure of UK only information:

  • 67% of us prefer using our tablet on our travels rather than a computer
  • 89% use our mobile devices principally for Internet browsing and Social networking
  • 73% of us think that these devices make our life significantly easier and more convenient
  • We apparently (compared to the other nationalities) favour the use of emoticons and shorthand in texts and emails

.and finally

  • 78% of us get dressed do our hair/make up before we engage in a video chat/conference session!

On an overall basis 55% take between 3 and 4 mobile devices with them on a trip. In popularity terms these rank as:

    1. Smartphone 74%
    2. Tablet 65%
    3. Music player 43%
    4. Laptop 32%

27% of our very connected Brazilian colleagues take 5 or more devices with them there’s no disclosure of  what the 5th (or more) might be, although we think an  ebook reader is a strong possibility.

On the preference fronts tablets win out over other devices in general.

The purpose / usage of devices are found to be:

  1. emailing “on the road” 90%
  2. internet browsing and social networking 75%
  3. maintaining office communication 73%
  4. reading a book

A large proportion of all of use shorthand (77%) and emoticons (72%) in daily emails and text messages.

Whilst 84% think it would be inappropriate to use shorthand in a job application only 38% think it inappropriate to use when communicationg with one’s mother in law!

A useful piece of research but additional disclosure by country in particular would have made it even more informative we think.

It will also be interesting to see in the future how the number of devices required reduces as remote connectivity via in particular connected TV’s increases.

 *The research was undertaken between the 1st and 31st March this year.


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