Keep an “I” on our week (Apple Market Capitalisation > $620 Billion)

The top three articles this week were

  1. HMV – Back to the Future? 
  2. The State of our Internet is improving 
  3. Internet GB retail sales growth flat in July


One of the remarkable events of the week was the rise in Apple shares to just under $650 at the end of the week ($648.11) an increase of around 4.25%

Leaked iPhone 5 and a MiNi iPad (as we like to call it) details pending a possible announcement on 12 September have been significant drivers.

Look out later this week for headlines of a “APPLE becomes the most valuable company ever!” as we calculate that if the share price gets to about $665 the market capitalisation will be over $620 billion which will top Microsofts (very brief) spell as holder of the accolade, on an intraday basis, right at the end (30 December) of 1999 when it was valued at $618.9 billion.


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