China buys and Apple sells 25% of global Tablets & Smartphones

Canalys and Analysys International  (who are China-based) have just released their estimates of sales/shipments of Smartphones and Tablets in China for quarter 2 of the year.

Canalys reporting “stellar growth” estimate that 42 million Smartphones were shipped in the quarter.  The top 5 vendors (with market share where disclosed) were:

  1. Samsung (17%)
  2. ZTE
  3. Lenovo
  4. Huawei
  5. Apple

The market share for 2,3 and 4 they say make “… up a third of the market”. We therefore guess that they may have estimated Apple shipments at 4 million ish ie around 10%.

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Digitimes have conveniently compiled  Analysys International’s estimates into a table. We have added units to their compilation based on the disclosed 2.34 million shipments. (Totals may not compute due to roundings).

Apples dominance, we think, is extraordinary it will be interesting to track how this changes through time with the entry of the other major players ie amazon, Google & Microsoft. We also expect Samsungs share to increase in time.

From these estimates we have compiled our table of combined Smartphone & Tablet estimated shipments (with actual sales as far as Apple are concerned from their results announcements/releases).

We admit to being selective on global estimate choice in certain instances to substantiate our headline!

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