Microsoft Holiday Pop-up Stores Surface

Microsoft currently have 21 Microsoft Stores in the US with a further 10 “coming” soon” of which 8 will be in the US and the remaining two in Vancouver and Puerto Rico.

As with their online store  they sell Microsoft, Software, Phones, Xboxes and other vendors PC’s laptops and accessories. They also offer class and individual appointments.  Once their  Surface tablets start shipping they will be added to their offerings.

The first two stores opened back when Windows 7 was launched. Clearly they will figure strongly alongside the Windows 8 release program in the last quarter of the year just before (or in fact in) the holiday season.

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In July of last year at their Worldwide Partner Conference they announced plans to expand their store numbers to 75 within 2 or 3 years. Last month they were quoted as now aiming for 44 by July 2013 with “holiday pop-up stores throughout”.

From their Microsoft careers site it looks as if they may be planning about a dozen of these with 2 Metropolitan stores for New York and Chicago with their Store Managers being asked to “…  lead a team of six to 10 Assistants and 30 or more Product Advisors.”

A further 9* are spread across the US, 2 in Massachusetts (Braintree & Nantick) and Florida (both in Miami) & there’s one in Vancouver.

There are job adverts on their site for Store Managers for all 12 of the Holiday Stores and similar positions for Assistant Store Managers. There are also vacancies for 9 Assistant Store Managers for the “coming soon” stores.

Earlier today we saw just under 100 vacancies on the Retail store side, including the above. Not exactly an Olympics security recruitment scenario challenge but a challenge none the less.

No Pop-up stores for the UK we’re afraid with allegedly the first permanent store being planned for March 2013. We look forward to it to livening up the high street with our concept of Apple, Google, amazon (kindle) and Microsoft stores all next door to one another!

Apple at June 30 had 372 retail stores (SEC Q2 Filing) around the world with we reckon 33 in the UK. Microsoft are rumoured to locate their stores not too far distant from Apple’s!

*The other 5 are likely in Portland, San Francisco, San Antonio, St Louis and Cleveland.

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