Every little, interactive virtual grocery store, helps!

. Tesco has just launched an “interactive store” at  Gatwick airport’s North Terminal in the departure lounge.  It consists of  “4 interactive fridges in the virtual store pilot and 6 digital sites positioned around the departure lounge” enabling you to “…combine browsing, as they would in a physical store, with the convenience of an online grocery shop and home delivery.” It’ll run on a trial basis for “…the two busiest weeks of the year, from 6th August – 19th August”.

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Our sort of summary of how we think it works is:

  • Each display has about 80 items which you can scroll through page by page
  • Tesco’s smartphone app is required and registration with Tesco.com
  • Scan the items barcode on your smartphone linking to Tesco Direct via the app
  • Pick a delivery slot date/time (up to 3 weeks ahead)


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The development is a bit of a spin off from Tesco’s South Korea virtual stores where they use billboards at bus stops and in the subways. These have been “on the go” since last year.

“Location, location, location” comes to mind as being important (some slightly left field thoughts are in A & E departments or on the plane/train/boat). We can also envisage a future scenario where simplified displays might even cater for competing suppliers!


Our overview is that, whilst Tesco’s display side seems, possibly deliberately, over elaborate, the concept is sound but the technology could be improved particularly with friendlier product recognition.

Tesco’s video:

NB On a purely practical note we would offer a little help …… when using the service please pick a delivery time/slot when you are/someone is at home to receive your order!

Picture/video sources primarily Tesco

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