Why buy a PadFone or a tablet?

Not content with producing the Nexus 7 for Google ASUS have come up with the PadFone which at first sight looks like a rather confusing device but which after some further consideration has, we think, some merit. It’s a sort of hardware ecosystem approach! The “fone” fits into the back of the tablet and then ala Microsoft a keyboard attaches to the tablet plus there’s a clever stylus that doubles as a local phone! Watch the video below or visit their microsite!

A combined billing/data plan for smartphone and tablet is rather novel and potentially beneficial. We can also envisage content and app advantages particularly with volume sales. Another factor which might help ASUS is possibly their relationship with Google and their future development of the android operating system, apps and content.

Whilst like Steve Jobs we are not fans of styli (or styluses) but we did rather like their integration of it as the phone!

They have a product micro site  and the video at the end of this article is worth a look.

comScore our favourite “Digital Business Analytics” enterprise has produced some research as part of its TabLens service aimed at providing insights into (US) tablet usage and ownership on a regular quarterly basis.

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Apart from their Infographic we thought one of their most interesting initial findings were the comparisons of owners purchase consideration factors as between the iPad, KindleFire and android. Based on a sample size of one we would place the Nexus 7 ahead of The KindleFire but behind the iPad. It has in our view the highest individual score at 8.2 for the “Price of the tablet” choice.

We hope comScore continue with the analysis with both e Nexus 7 and Microsofts Surface as we think that could be really fascinating.

Don’t somehow think the PadFone would figure but you never know. In the meantime here’s their video beneath the Infographic.


comScore TabLens: Today’s U.S. Tablet Owner Revealed


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