Dot-UK registrations continue to decline

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Nominet have  published their July registration details.

July 2012 dot-uk registrations (#’s)
All dot-uk dot-co dot-org dot-ltd dot-plc dot-net dot-sch dot-me
New 161,228 151,955 7,834 75 0 2 35 1,327
On register 10,179,485
Source: Nominet .


They continue their decline on both a monthly and year to date basis. Last months article is here. July 2012 dot-uk new registrations
Thousands Jul ’12 Growth Growth Jun ’12 Jul ’11
# prior mth yr-on-yr # #
* Adjusted 161.6 -2.1% -6.8% 165.1 173.4
Unadjusted 161.2 0.2% -6.9% 160.9 173.1
2012 to date
* Adjusted 1,184.5 n/a -2.9%    n/a 1,219.5
Unadjusted 1,219.2 n/a -3.0%    n/a 1,256.9
Sources: Nominet /
*For seasonality – experimental statistics


The *adjusted registrations show a decrease of -2.1% (-7.0%) on last month and -6.8% (-8.8%) on July 2011. Cumulatively, again on an adjusted basis, they show a decrease of -2.9% (-2.2%) so the decline continues to accelerate.

Total domains on their register continue to exceed 10 million and on a countback basis comes to 64.8 (65.0) months new registrations.

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The comparative unadjusted graph is included again.

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The moving annual total is down by 11.8k on last month and at 2.03 (2.05) million is at its lowest since August 2010 (November 2010).Our forecast of over 2 million for the year is beginning to look increasingly unachievable.



It doesn’t look as if London 2012, certainly in the short term, is having many direct benefits. Our overall view is that there will be economic benefits certainly for London and hopefully for the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but that they we will be of a longer term nature.

We’re pleased to see that:

all feed directly into the main dot-com site

*Seasonality adjustment – As with the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) qualification, our figures are (very) experimental – “Experimental statistics are those which are in the testing phase and are not yet fully developed. The main reason why the statistics are designated as experimental is that the methods and data sources are still being improved”. We would in our case likely go further with our caveats!


  1. This does not surprise me as they tried to close down and sell off 52 domain names. All bought in 1999 and paid for until 2013

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