Keep up with your Highway Code and win a NEW iPad!

The Official Highway Code and associated information is now available:

and there are apps for:

  • iOS 
  • android (sort of – it’s a link to the online version)

They have 13,000 twitter followers and 10,600 likes on facebook. Not really up there with Lady Gaga  (27.7 million) Katy Perry (24.1mln) or even Stephen Fry  (4.6mln) and we would have hoped that it would be far greater as  you  “Get Highway Code reminders” and presumably updates.

Possibly one of the reasons for this might be the status of the online version(s) which are qualified as follows “This version has been adapted for online use from the Department for Transport’s current printed version of the Highway Code. In any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, only the Department for Transport’s current printed version of the Code should be relied upon”

It’s of course free online but the printed version   from TSO costs £2.50 the iPhone app is £3.99 and the CD Rom a whopping £9.99 Possibly the best route in the absence of a pdf is an e-book which on our Kindle store indicates a price of £1.32.

Now for the interesting bit! For 13 year olds (parental consent required etc etc) and upwards you can enter their competition via facebook if you “Take a photo or a simple video which fits the caption ‘Keep up! The Highway Code has!’”

“Tips to win

  • Make your photo or video original and creative – read the ebook on an elephant, beef up on a bouncy castle or retweet a rule at a rodeo!
  • Show us yours – make sure that the Highway Code can be seen clearly in your photo or video – get your copy here
  • Keep it safe – any photo or video we judge to have involved danger won’t be allowed, so make sure you follow the Highway Code if you take your photo or video when out and about
  • Don’t worry about the quality – we’re not looking for the next Spielberg or David Bailey. It’s the content that counts!”

You can then email your photo / video link to by 28 September 2012. Runner up Apple / amazon prizes also apply. Full details & T & C’s  are here

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